Fiction: The spark is gone

I’m spying on my husband. I don’t feel proud of it, but it may be worth trying.

He says the spark is gone.

I don’t understand. Not too long ago the intensity of our love was so big and felt like an earthquake every time we were close to each other.

Then it’s gone? All of a sudden, like this?

I think this is some kind of plot. I’m not sure what for, but it just can’t be true.

The spark cannot be gone. It’s not gone for me! 

I love him….


Last week I wrote my entry for the Writing Prompt #27 while watching my daughter’s jump rope tournament, and saved it on OneNote to publish here later. But with the busyness os the weekend I ended up completely forgetting to do so, until today, 2 days after the ‘deadline’.


But since I did write,  I decided to post it anyways. Here it is then.  The prompt words for that week were:


The picture is from

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