Photo: WPC Challenge – Cherry on top

Seeing Mt. Rainier always makes me smile.

Seeing it from above hanging out with his pals Hood, Jefferson and the Sisters is unbelievably cool.


My last Spring break trip with the family was all good, nice and relaxing, but the coolest part was being able to take pictures of big landmarks from above.

I picture the mounts here, but I was also able to identify the Salt Lakes and Canyonlands, both in Utah, until the clouds came and ended my fun.


This post was written in response to the  Daily Post Weekly Photo Challeng: Cherry on top.

Mt. Rainier Wildflowers

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin came to visit us and we took the Sunday to take him to Mt. Rainier National Park.
The weather was not completely clean, as there were a few clouds, but it was still pretty sunny and beautiful.

The park is beautiful year-round, so I can’t even say it was especially beautiful on that day.
Each season for a different reason. And on that day, the biggest attraction were the wildflowers.

For the kids, the lots of walking on a national park with no playground available was a bit boring, so at some point I was trying to distract them by reading the tags they had with the flowers names.
The funniest name for them was Fan-Leaf Cinquefoil. They thought cinquefoils was a funny sounding word and I explained the meaning of it.

I also explained the meaning of Avalanche AvalancheLily_thumb when we saw the Avalanche Lily, and of Magenta MagentaPaitbrush_thumb (for them it would be dark pink ;o) when we saw the Magenta Paintbrush. That one they also thought it was funny since it was a flower and not a real paintbrush.
So now for the big pictures.