One Four Challenge – November Week 4

This is the fourth and last week of the One Four Challenge for November.

After last week’s post Nic suggested that I’d try GIMP. I installed it and had a quick look, but I have a confession to make. I did all my 4 edits at once at the beginning of the month and had my week 4 ready and waiting to be published already. Another confession, I wish I had more time to spend on blogging, but home, family and a full time job makes me lazy to learn new apps that have a steepish learning curve. I still want to learn GIMP, but it may take a while…

So back to my quick edits on simple apps to wrap-up the month….

This week I decided to try something different and transform my photo onto a sort of Thomas Kinkade-style ‘painting’.

It was tricky to find a way to do that using my 2 little non-fancy apps and my try and error (instead of educated attempts) to change settings around.

In the end I got what I wanted using a mix of my 2 worlds.

First, I used Photo Editor on my phone to get the painting look and feel. My first edit was to use the Oil Paint effect. Then I played around with some of the color settings, such as brightness, contrast, temperature, exposure, saturation, tint and hue. Unfortunately I didn’t take notes of my changes on these categories. But the painting style of the oil painting effect did not exactly matched Kinkade’s style, so on top of it I applied a diffuse effect by 3% only. Still not really Kinkade-ish, leaning more towards pointillism, but I liked it anyways.

The problem of editing pictures on a tiny phone is that sometimes, once I upload it to the computer, the colors (especially brightness) look a bit different. And that’s exactly what happened here.

So, once in the PC, I opened it in Fotor and decrease the brightness by 10 points and used a HK Film effect on 28% strength.

That’s how it turned out:



And now, the gallery with all my edits for this month.

I’d love to know which one you liked the best, so feel free to vote on your favorite below:

One Four Challenge – November Week 2

This is the second week of the One Four Challenge for November.

Then, for this week’s edit, I decided to make it look more like fall (or maybe end of a hot summer), with more earthy colors.

To accomplish that, I tried several different things on both Fotor on the PC and Photo Editor on my phone.
But it was really hard to change a very green picture to earthy tones, without making the house and pavement change color drastically too…

So in the end I used the Photo Editor app on my phone and changed: brightness to 9, exposure to 28, temperature to 5692, tint to -6 and tolerance to 135, and picked a hue more towards an orangy color.

That’s how it turned out:


To see my previous edit, check week 1 post here.