Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, take 2

I’m lucky enough to live and work on a place that is surrounded by woods, wetlands and lots of greenness (it’s not for nothing that we’re called the Evergreen state).

At my company campus there are also several running/walking trails, from which my favorite one is the one that goes through the woods, between the office buildings and a busy road.

So for this week’s photo challenge, I’m posting some of the pictures I took on my walks at the woody trail.

This post was the second response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Green, here is the first one.

Sunday Post: Favorite Spot

I grew up in a house where we were a family of 5 people living on it (mommy, daddy, big sis, me, little bro) + a maid, her kids, a caretaker, once a week a cleaning person, and several dogs.

And I used to share a room with my sister.

That all meant that one of the hardest things to find at home was privacy and alone time.

So my favorite spot has always been one where I could find myself alone for a few minutes. During my teenage years, it was the bathroom (and currently maybe it’s starting to be the bathroom again, although with the kids, sometimes I can’t find privacy even there… :-S )

But when I was a kid, I was a little bit more creative about finding a favorite spot.

And my favorite spot during childhood was the best. It was at the friendly branches of a big mango tree.

Unfortunately I don’t have a good picture of that tree to share, but I was able to find one, where it appears in the background so I cropped it to be able to show it to you.

My favorite spot: the mango tree

There’s even a funny story about it that I recently told my daughter.

I don’t remember how old we were, but still children and, during a fraternal fight, I called my sister bad names. My mom heard it and was furious, so she headed to the kitchen to grab some very hot pepper sauce to put a drop in my month, so I would learn not to say bad words anymore.

Well… as soon as she turned her back to go to the kitchen grab the thing, I darted to the tree, since I know climbing on trees was not something my mom would do. But instead of going to the regular branches, I decided to adventure myself going to one that was a bit harder to reach. I reached it! But then I did not know how to get out.

My mom was telling me to climb down, and after a lot of shouting and crying she was finally convinced that I really didn’t know how to. She didn’t know what to do either. My brother, always dramatic, started to light candles by the tree, saying that I would never be able to climb down and was going to die up there.  My mom was almost using the pepper on him for that. Haha.

Then, she called the caretaker, who was not there on that day, but lived nearby, to take me out. He climbed up, held me and brought me down.

It was such a relieve that my mom gave up the pepper.

I was a bit desperate and got really frightened up there, but at least I got what I wanted, which was not to have the pepper. LOL

Then, during adulthood, when I was already past the mid twenties, I arrived home one day to find it cut. I was so sad and so mad. How could they have cut my tree!!!??? But it turned out it was sick and about to die anyways… Oh well…

At least it did served me and my siblings as a nice place to hide, play, read, study or just be by ourselves.

Travel Theme: Foliage

It’s Fall!

And the beauty of fall is due to it’s foliage.

But it’s not the same everywhere.

Here are pictures of fall foliages on two very different climates.

Fall foliage in Hawaii


Fall foliage in Washington state


Another one from Hawaii: the colors are from flowers, not leaves


Another one from Washington state: the colors are from leaves, not flowers


More Washington state fall foliage, here.

This post was writen in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Foliage.


Sunday Post: Autumn

Although we’re still in Summer (barely, actually. Last days!), Fall has been showing its colors for a few weeks now.

And I mean literally.

Because that’s one of the things Fall (or Autumn, if you wish) is about right?


Colors and fallen leaves.

I come from a place where we have only 2 seasons: hot and hotter. So we can’t really see much the difference between the typical calendar seasons.

12 years ago, I moved to the US and what impressed me the most on my first year (and still does, to be honest, but never as strongly as on that first year) was how we can actually see the seasons changing and especially how beautiful Fall is.

In one of the first times I went back home to visit family, I brought them some pictures. The last picture I took, just to finish up the film (yep, film) was of a tree all dressed up with the colors of Fall. I also brought the film with me in case someone in the family would like copies of any of the pictures. But I was actually expecting them to print copies of me and my husband on our new home. And they did, or course, but on my grandma’s list, I also saw the picture of the tree as one that she wanted a copy of. She was amazed by the beauty of it and wanted a record.

In the past few years, I was actually dreading Fall and seeing it as the worst season of the year, because, in spite of its beauty, it means that each day would be worse than the previous one in regards to weather and temperatures.

This year is different, though. I still don’t like the very short days and excess rain (which we get a LOT here in the Pacific Northwest), but after working out outdoors through summer, I must confess I’m looking forward for lower temperatures, in which we can do the same workout without all the sweating and smellyness that comes with hot weather.

And I still think it’s the most beautiful season of all, so this year I’m actually welcoming Fall.

So now, let’s cut the talking and go to the images. Those pictures were taken yesterday evening, when I went for a walk in the trails and gardens around my office building, with my Canon PowerShot SX110 IS.


This post was created in response to Jakesprinter Sunday Post: Autumn.

Blowable seeds

It’s that time of the year when allergic people hate to be outside because of the amount of pollen still in the air.

True that a couple months ago, it was worse, but you can still see stuff flying around that would not be very comfortable to the ones who suffer from allergies.

Well… I find out a couple years ago, and I do have allergies too, but that does not stop me from going outside every time I have the opportunity to, or even to appreciate the devilish blowable seeds that tend to enter our noses and make our lives miserable for a few days…

It also happens to be one of my daughter’s favorite activities: to pick them and blow them. Just yesterday we spend a good 40 minutes doing so on a park.

So here are some pictures of these beautiful bad guys.





Itsy-bitsy tiny

Itsy-bitsy tiny



Hard-core spider-webbery

Hard-core spider-webbery

On purple

On purple



A whole bunch of them

A whole bunch of them



Starting to go away

Starting to go away

Going different ways

Going different ways

Half-way gone

Half-way gone

All gone!

All gone!


Another picture post, this time with berries I photographed in the trail I go for my walks, or parks I go with the kids.

The reason why I photograph them is that they are so beautifull. Some are clusters on it’s own (like the blackberries, raspberries, cloudberries, etc…) while some are tiny round fruits that show up in a bunch but can be picked individually. Very cute!

I won’t pretend I know them all, because in fact I don’t. I did try some research though to try to figure out some of them. But there are so many species, and sometimes so similar to each other (especially the purples – oh! the purples…), that I still missed a few.

So for the berry experts out there, feel free to name the ones I couldn’t figure out, or correct me if I got any wrong. It would also help learning which ones are edible and which are not. Thanks in advance!


Elderberry: in early spring there was a part of the trails that smelled sooo good, and all coming from some bouquets of small white flowers. Then, going back to that trail a couple months later, I found that the white flowers had turned into those red berries. Beautiful!

Salmon berry

Salmon berry in early spring


Snowberry: chubby whites! Those are everywhere around here. I always wondered if they were edible and just realized now on my little research that they can actually be poisonous. Ok, just for taking pictures then…

American cranberry

American cranberry: had to go a little inside the garden, on a place I probably shouldn’t be going, to take this one. But it was worth it. Very cute little reds…

Didn't get that one. Feel free to pich in. I'd call it Unkown #1 for now... ;o)

Didn’t get that one. Feel free to pich in. I’d call it Unkown #1 for now… ;o)

Another one I couldn't identify: Unknown #2

Another one I couldn’t identify: Unknown #2 (maybe even the same as unknown #1???)


Rosehips: those were beautifull, lots of them everywhere in a path. I wasn’t sure if I could even include them here, but I did see them mentioned in a list of types of berries, so here you go…

Maybe another kind of snowberry? Or maybe I'm just generalising and calling all white ones snow...??? Oh well... Unkown #3 then! ;o)

Maybe another kind of snowberry? Or maybe I’m just generalising and calling all white ones snow…??? Oh well… Unkown #3 then! ;o)

Unkown #4

Unkown #4: another unidentified purple… this little guy is also everywhere

Unkown #5

Unkown #5: I took this picture through a fence. At some point, a car sort of stopped to look of what I was doing. Suspicious… haha


Cloudberry: can name it thanks to the research. I’ve always thought they were golden raspberries…


Oregon-grape: found a lot of names for this one, but in an article the person said all other names were just wrong, so I picked his pick ;o)

Unkown #6

Unkown #6: and purple. During the walk, I saw them all as different, but now I’m starting to wonder if there are repeats here? Maybe 1 = 2 = 6???

Unkown #7

Unkown #7: Haven’t really researched that one. It’s from a tall tree that looks wonderfull with all the hanging clusters of red berries.


Berry-to-be (hehe – I know it’s a flower, but will soon turn into a yummy berry… ;o)

And finally the most available of them all in the trails: the invasive but yummy, Himalayam Blackberry

And finally the most available of them all in the trails: the invasive but yummy, Himalayam Blackberry

Got hungry now… will go get some berries to eat!


Another theme I like to take pictures of.

Today, to be honest, I’m feeling not so great, and it has to do with them, since spending the whole Saturday in parks and zoos made my allergies attack me in an implacable way…

Oh well, that’s fine, I can always take some medicine to fix that, while still enjoying caturing the pretty flowers…