Another picture post, this time with berries I photographed in the trail I go for my walks, or parks I go with the kids.

The reason why I photograph them is that they are so beautifull. Some are clusters on it’s own (like the blackberries, raspberries, cloudberries, etc…) while some are tiny round fruits that show up in a bunch but can be picked individually. Very cute!

I won’t pretend I know them all, because in fact I don’t. I did try some research though to try to figure out some of them. But there are so many species, and sometimes so similar to each other (especially the purples – oh! the purples…), that I still missed a few.

So for the berry experts out there, feel free to name the ones I couldn’t figure out, or correct me if I got any wrong. It would also help learning which ones are edible and which are not. Thanks in advance!


Elderberry: in early spring there was a part of the trails that smelled sooo good, and all coming from some bouquets of small white flowers. Then, going back to that trail a couple months later, I found that the white flowers had turned into those red berries. Beautiful!

Salmon berry

Salmon berry in early spring


Snowberry: chubby whites! Those are everywhere around here. I always wondered if they were edible and just realized now on my little research that they can actually be poisonous. Ok, just for taking pictures then…

American cranberry

American cranberry: had to go a little inside the garden, on a place I probably shouldn’t be going, to take this one. But it was worth it. Very cute little reds…

Didn't get that one. Feel free to pich in. I'd call it Unkown #1 for now... ;o)

Didn’t get that one. Feel free to pich in. I’d call it Unkown #1 for now… ;o)

Another one I couldn't identify: Unknown #2

Another one I couldn’t identify: Unknown #2 (maybe even the same as unknown #1???)


Rosehips: those were beautifull, lots of them everywhere in a path. I wasn’t sure if I could even include them here, but I did see them mentioned in a list of types of berries, so here you go…

Maybe another kind of snowberry? Or maybe I'm just generalising and calling all white ones snow...??? Oh well... Unkown #3 then! ;o)

Maybe another kind of snowberry? Or maybe I’m just generalising and calling all white ones snow…??? Oh well… Unkown #3 then! ;o)

Unkown #4

Unkown #4: another unidentified purple… this little guy is also everywhere

Unkown #5

Unkown #5: I took this picture through a fence. At some point, a car sort of stopped to look of what I was doing. Suspicious… haha


Cloudberry: can name it thanks to the research. I’ve always thought they were golden raspberries…


Oregon-grape: found a lot of names for this one, but in an article the person said all other names were just wrong, so I picked his pick ;o)

Unkown #6

Unkown #6: and purple. During the walk, I saw them all as different, but now I’m starting to wonder if there are repeats here? Maybe 1 = 2 = 6???

Unkown #7

Unkown #7: Haven’t really researched that one. It’s from a tall tree that looks wonderfull with all the hanging clusters of red berries.


Berry-to-be (hehe – I know it’s a flower, but will soon turn into a yummy berry… ;o)

And finally the most available of them all in the trails: the invasive but yummy, Himalayam Blackberry

And finally the most available of them all in the trails: the invasive but yummy, Himalayam Blackberry

Got hungry now… will go get some berries to eat!

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