Photo: Travel Theme – Pastel

Pastel colors at dusky sky…


“It was that time of dusk when there is a—deepening of the interior shadows. It is a melancholy time: all you need do is switch on one lamp and the inside and the outside will separate, held apart by the reflections in the glass, and evening will begin.”
Rudolph Delson, Maynard and Jennica

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PS. for the Seattleite’s trained eyes, you can even see the shadow of Mount Rainier being slightly overlapped by Safeco field… 😉

Travel Theme: Faces

Tuesday afternoon, I’m home sick with a bad cold. Took the morning to sleep and was planning to blog on the afternoon. But we have stormy weather today and lights are down. The no breakers are beeping like crazy, which does not help.

Yet, I committed to post everyday this month, so doing what I can with the resources I have (pretty much, my phone).

Those are some of the faces I see at the house when I’m the only living creature on it.

The watermark had to have a different font because my android phone does not have Gabriola font. Used Roboto Thin instead.








This post was written in response to Travel Theme: Faces

Travel Theme: Frames

This week, I’m trying to write a post everyday, since I’m trying to participate on the National Blog Writting Month. Lately all my posts have been either flash fiction written in reponse to writing challenges, or photos posted in response to Photo Challenges.

Yesterday I posted a text, so today I’m shooting for a picture.

And today’s picture is in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge: Frame.


This beach that’s being framed is Hollywood beach, in Florida, where we mat my parents last April to go on a cruise together, departing from Fort Lauderdale. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this wall with a window and the beach beyond it, being framed by the window.


Travel theme: Letters

It’s been forever since last time I participated in a travel time challenge, by Ailsa in Where’s My Backpack.

This week I’m back though!

And here are my letter-ish pictures…

Somewhere between Serbia and the Netherlands, on the way to Yellowstone...

Somewhere between Serbia and the Netherlands, on the way to Yellowstone…


Ice age of yester

Ice age of yester


Matching colors

Matching colors


This post was written in response to the Travel Theme: Letters challenge.

Travel theme: Time

This week’s the Travel Theme photo challenge at Ailsa’s Where’s my Backpack is Time.

There are a few ways to show the passage of time, especially when you have kids.

So here’s how the time passed between August 2009 and March 2010, culminating with the birth of my second cute baby, almost 3 years ago (March 31st is the day!)

So this post goes not only for the photo challenge, but also to celebrate my little one 3rd birthday.

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Travel Theme: Glass

Colorful glass sculptures at Seattle Center:




And also a link to my previous post, which was not about glass, but it did include a pretty cool picture I took this morning of some frost on the glass window of my daughter’s bedroom


This post was written in response to Ailsa’s Where’s My BackPack Travel Theme Challenge: Glass 

Hopefully this challenge will serve as the motivation I need to go visit the Museum of Glass, where Ailsa tokk her own pictures. I’ve been leaving in the are for 12 years, always wanted to go and visit, bu never managed to actually go. In case I do, even if not this week, I’ll make sure to post more pictures and link to the challenge… ;o)

Travel Theme: Bright

I’m just about (in a couple of days, actually) to hop on a plane to go to a much brighter place at this time of the year, so if this theme came next week I’d sure have fresh-from-the-camera pictures to post.

But I’m still here, so I’ll be using some old pictures from previous travels.

Daddy and baby at the beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sun reflecting at the water, Maui, HI, USA

Bright colored tulip on a bright day, Mount Vernon, WA, USA

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Travel Theme: On display

Could only find 2 pictures for this.

Not a big display picture taker. Hehe

But I realize that those pictures will probably give people an idea of me that will not convey the real me.

Nope, I don’t ride motorcycles. And nope, I don’t fight. But at the time I took those pictures, something made me think the displays were interesting enough to be registered.

This one I took to my brother, who used to go to the original Gracie Barra, in Barra, with the Gracie guy. This was in Ellensburg, WA

Motorcycle coming out of the roof, on display at Harley Davidson, Las Vegas


 This post was written in response to  Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge: On Display

Travel Theme: Animals

I’m not a great photographer of anything, what to say of animals, who would typically move and try to hide…
So I sort of need friendly animals that will ‘pose’ to me.
The travel that I did that provided me with friendly animals the best was in 2003, when we went to the Olympic Peninsula, WA, and visited the Olympic Game Farm, in Sequim.
In this Game Farm, the animals are either at loose or on very small fences, and you drive by with your car.
You can also buy bread at the entrance and offer to the animals.
And THAT’S what make the animals so friendly. They always come for bread!
Here are the pictures and some of the stories from that trip.

This post was writen in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Animals.

Travel Theme: Foliage

It’s Fall!

And the beauty of fall is due to it’s foliage.

But it’s not the same everywhere.

Here are pictures of fall foliages on two very different climates.

Fall foliage in Hawaii


Fall foliage in Washington state


Another one from Hawaii: the colors are from flowers, not leaves


Another one from Washington state: the colors are from leaves, not flowers


More Washington state fall foliage, here.

This post was writen in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Foliage.