Travel Theme: Faces

Tuesday afternoon, I’m home sick with a bad cold. Took the morning to sleep and was planning to blog on the afternoon. But we have stormy weather today and lights are down. The no breakers are beeping like crazy, which does not help.

Yet, I committed to post everyday this month, so doing what I can with the resources I have (pretty much, my phone).

Those are some of the faces I see at the house when I’m the only living creature on it.

The watermark had to have a different font because my android phone does not have Gabriola font. Used Roboto Thin instead.








This post was written in response to Travel Theme: Faces

3 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Faces

    • Thanks. Feeling a bit better already. Even back in the office (if not for feeling better at least to see electricity again and recharge my devices, as power is still out at home… )

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