Changing the tone

A friend of mine has the following sentence by her name in the IM window:

Once I eliminated the negative people from my circle, I was ready to soar!

I have always seen it and agreed with it. I also hate negativism.

I once broke up with a boyfriend because he was way to negative for me. The kind of person who prefers dark and rainy days, who thinks music is to express pain, so any playful and happy sounded music was no good for him,  and who would just worry too much about everything and think only about the bad consequences everything could bring. A year later I was done with him. It took me 6 months though to have the guts to break up, as I was afraid that being so negative and depressing, he could do something crazy to himself (or to me???) if I broke his heart. Poor guy! Never did anything to hurt anyone (at least not that I know of and not during the time we dated). He was sad, but inoffensive. I just couldn’t handle that much negative energy around me.

Well, this is all to say that I decided to change the way I’m using this blog. Today I suddenly – and sadly – realized that I was using it mostly to vent my frustrations and bad feelings, which was creating a very negative tone to the blog.

Enough of that!

First thing I did to try to change this was to change the theme. The one that I picked before was nice, but too dark. So time to go. Picked a lighter one now (not as light as I wanted but the very light ones had too narrow columns and were cropping my butterfly… 😉 )

For the contents, I have 2 options:

  1. not use the blog to vent frustrations at all
  2. write more frequently, instead of remembering it only when I feel frustrated.

I guess I’ll go for number 2, since everyone do need a place where they can vent sometimes, right?

So off to a new start!

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