So off to a new start!

And I’ll start by updating readers on what went on in my life recently.

As I have mentioned on some posts before, I was pregnant with our second cute little girl.

I was! Now I’m the proud mommy of 2 cute little girls.

Baby was born end of March very healthy and is growing fast to become a big and chubby 1 month old…

Toddler is still adapting to the live with someone to share mommy and daddy with. At first she would simply ignore the baby. Then she started to get some more interest on it. Now sometimes she approaches the baby and pet her, altough she still misbehave (or goes for the potty – and that’s a good thing, as she started potty training very recently) when mommy is holding baby, in an attempt to call the attention.

My parents are here to help and it’s been a good help.

10 days before birth, I took vacations at work, so I’m not working right now, and will be like this until mid-August, as my company gives us 20 weeks of maternity disability and parental leaves combined (last 8 weeks are unpaid, but I can survive 2 months without a salary…) And that’s also very good!!!

Then, once I’m back to work, hubby will take 4 weeks and, during his leave, his parent will be here to help him with the baby.

As for how we’re handling the 2 kids, I must say I don’t know quite yet. So far so good, but we have my parents here to help. Then we’ll have no help for a while, but I’ll be at home. Then help again. So I guess I will only be able to tell after my in-laws are gone and we’re on our own, with both parents working full time. A bit scary, but I’m sure we can make it!

Well, I guess that’s it for now, as my sleep deprivation is making my mind blank right now…

Maybe I’ll try to take a nap while baby naps and the remining of the family does not come home (hubby from work bringing toddler from daycare, and parents from shopping).

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