Snicky wine

So good!Today we went to our first party since our second baby was born.

It was a 2-year-old party of the  daughter of some friends. And those friends are the kind of people who really appreciates a good glass of wine, so there’s always good wine on their parties.

I’m not a heavy drinker and wine is not even my favorite drink, but I have been avoiding it for so long (pregnancy + breastfeeding) that today I decided to have a little bit. Less than half a glass which I was sure would do absolutely no harm to baby through the milk, but would be enough for me to drink something.

The problem is that both my husband and my mom were there and I’m pretty sure they would have given me a hard time if they saw.

So at some point, I took the chance when everyone was on the living room and I went to the kitchen for something else, and then I saw the bottle of wine and the unused glasses and couldn’t resist. I had 1/3 of the glass of wine! It’s true that it would have felt better if it was a drink a care more about, but it was still good to have some drink.

 Maybe next time…

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