I’m the 12th man

and we nailed it today!!!!

Super Bowl champions, babe!!!!



By the way, this picture was not taken by me, as I’m there, somewhere at the serif of number 2.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Friday

Internet and network are down at the building.
Email still works, but with no network, there’s not much to do.

On the way to cafeteria everyone seems happy and relaxed.
We get several hi’s accompanied by big smiles.
We sit down by the window, catching the sun that’s again shining bright outside, and we eat and we talk with no hurry.

Unconnected Friday!

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Thursday

Met a friend to go for a walk and then have lunch together.

The walk was on the short side for my own standards (I’m a walker), but longer than what my friend thought she could make:  1,5 miles, going around ours and some nearby buildings.
By the end of it she was feeling great and empowered for having done more than expected.

Back at the building for lunch, cafeteria was full.
We share the table with 2 other girls we know from work, but we don’t really join them on the conversation.

For someone eavesdropping from the outside it must have been an interesting mix of sounds, as from our end of the table they’d get Portuguese, and from the other girls they’d get Korean.

Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Wednesday

Wednesday the day was though, I barely had time to go potty. Had lunch at my desk working like crazy.

But for 1 hour, from 12:00 to 1:00, I attended an event a team I’m part of was organizing.

We realized employee satisfaction is not great and one of the points that scores low in our org was feeling like a team.
So we decided to make some fun events to build team spirit.
Yesterday was the first one and we did a board game fun, playing Apples to Apples.

I was so tired, there was so much on my mind with the job I had to finish afterwards, that I did’t observe much.
But the game still made me find out some interesting things about some of the people I work with.

E.O. is a good story teller.
J.R. thinks flight attendants are cute.
M.K. likes feminism, although I guess he was confused with the words and thinking more about femininity.
P.J. thinks The Godfather is cute?????

Anyway, fun lunch with nice people.
Too bad I was too worried about other stuff.
But at least I can say I did had a fun break during the day yesterday… Even if brief… ;o)

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Tuesday

Just before noon, I’m annoyed by a task I need to do at work.
I decide to use lunch time to go for a walk and refresh my mind and mood.
It’s cold. I see I’m not the only one who used lunch time to keep moving, although there are less people than when the weather is warmer.
There are other walkers. Fast and slow.
Some people are in their bikes.
Some are running. On shorts, even!
At the soccer field, people play soccer. Most are not only in shorts but also on t-shirts. But they seem all warm and fine.

I come back refreshed, and stop at the cafeteria to grab something to bring to the office, but again, I decide to sit down and eat at the café’s tables.
The cafeteria is empty.
A few people sit alone, like me.
There are several groups of 2 people.
The only big group leaves right after I sit down.
On a table nearby 2 guys seem to be talking about work.
Then I notice the younger guy is doing most of the talk. He seems very passionate about what he’s saying.
The other guy just sits and listens without showing any reaction or emotion.
The young guy has a visitor’s badge; the other one is an employee.
Is the boy trying to sell a product?
An idea?
Is he being interviewed for a job?
It looked a lot like a job interview, but reality is that the answer to this question is something I’ll most likely never get to know.

They leave.
I finish my food and come back to the office.

After all, I still have an annoying task to do today…


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Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Monday

Got late to work.
Won’t be able to leave late.
Rush to lunch, ask to go so can eat at the desk.
While waiting, notice the sun shining bright outside after so many cloudy days.
Take the to go box, sit on a table by the window, facing the sun, pull up sleeves to soak up more rays, and eat happily with closed eyes.

Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

Happy Birthday to Me!!!


I’m typically a pretty low profile person, who likes to talk to people, is very social, but who at the same time hates to be the center of the attention.

That is during 364 days of the year. Because on my birthday I AM the center of attention. At least of MY attention. 😉

So this morning I changed my profile picture in facebook to be a “Happy Birthday to Me” image.

And the I got some back from my friends.

These are some of the images I received on Facebook and email so far to wish me happy birthday.

(this post may get updated with new images until the end of the day… )

Yay!!! Thanks to all my friends, who sent me picture, text messages, calls, emails, etc, etc…

Love you all.

Copyrights are owned by the pictures owners, who I must confess I don’t know who they are.