Weekly Writing Challenge: Blue gecko!

With this week’s challenge, I just realized I’m not too much of a things person.
I do have a hard time throwing stuff away, but I guess it’s more because I always think they could be useful someday, rather than for being attached to them.

But I did find an item I like very much. And here’s the little story behind it.

Until about seven years ago I used to work on a different company than the one I work for today. And I had some friends there.

One of them, cute and fun IT guy, used to have a little rubber blue gecko on top of his monitor. That gecko reminded me a bit of the several geckos (although never in a blue shade 😉 ) we saw at our home back in Brazil. Maybe because of that, or maybe just because it’s a rubber gecko fun to play with, I loved playing with the little blue critter every time I went over to his office. And he obviously noticed that.

Then, after 4 years working for that company, I found myself a job that was more in line with my career plans, so I left the company.

On my last day (February 10th, 2006), when I was about to leave for good, I started going to each office to say goodbye to my friends. So when I got to his office, he handed me the little blue gecko, saying it was now mine.

I loved it. Now, the gecko doesn’t only remind me of the white ones from Brazil, but it also reminds of my good friend I miss so much.

So here’s the little blue guy crawling on my current office:

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This post was written in response to this week’s writing challenge. Not a great piece of literature, but it was fun to think of a favorite thing and remember the story behind it. For more details on the challenge, check it out here.

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