Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

When I think of free spirit, I think about flying.

But not boring airplane flying, when you don’t really feel you’re flying.

It’s more that secret desire I have always had that I could simply move my arms, or maybe run really fast, and start flying away, above the trees and the buildings, and high up in the sky.

So for this week’s challenge I was trying to find an opportunity to take a good picture of a flying bird. But I must say this is harder than you think.

So I ended up taking a picture of a resting bird. Yeah… yeah… He wasn’t flying at that moment but he still can and he actually did after a couple of minutes (too bad it was right when I had my camera down to attend to my daughter who was with me).

Another picture I’d like to include, if I may, is a picture that is not mine, but it’s one of my favorite pictures of all, to the point of having it printed out and pinned to my board at work. It shows an eagle flying high above a valley carved by a winding green river. And that’s the exact image that comes to my mind when I think of free spirit.

Since I don’t think it would be nice of me to upload someone else’s file on a photo challenge, I took a picture of the picture. Not even close to being as nice as the original, but at least the file is coming from my own camera. :S

Original picture is copyrighted to Milan Rapaić

Original picture is copyrighted to Milan Rapaić

The original picture was taken by Milan Rapaić and is part of a Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop Theme that shows Serbian landscapes. Хвала, Србија!

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