Happy Birthday to Me!!!


I’m typically a pretty low profile person, who likes to talk to people, is very social, but who at the same time hates to be the center of the attention.

That is during 364 days of the year. Because on my birthday I AM the center of attention. At least of MY attention. 😉

So this morning I changed my profile picture in facebook to be a “Happy Birthday to Me” image.

And the I got some back from my friends.

These are some of the images I received on Facebook and email so far to wish me happy birthday.

(this post may get updated with new images until the end of the day… )

Yay!!! Thanks to all my friends, who sent me picture, text messages, calls, emails, etc, etc…

Love you all.

Copyrights are owned by the pictures owners, who I must confess I don’t know who they are.

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