New trail

Today I was almost determined to not take any pictures during my walk and concentrate on the walk only.

But in the past couple years I just became a picture geek when walking, and having a camera (disguised as a phone) always with me does not help either.

So I do have pictures to show! Yay!


In regards to the walking, I started with a simple route on places I have been several times. But then, when I was about to enter the building again I checked the tracking app and realized I was just a bit short of 2 miles and decided to go around the building just to make it at least 2 miles. But among those buildings there are several side trails and I decided those were the ones I’d explore on my stretch to get to 2 miles.

And on doing so I even found a little hidden trail that I did not know about. It’s not long and it ends up weird if we try to follow it to the end (it hits the back wall of a building… :s) but it’s very nice and sort of recluse, being between tall trees and the fence to the freeway that passes by a few yards from there at a slightly lower level.

One more reason not to resist a few pictures, right? New trail!

The total distance traveled ended up being of about 2.5 miles:


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