Walking with Nik

Today I went for a walk with Nik.

Yes! He’s back! So we decided to go for lunch at building 41 and walked there and back.

I haven’t tracked, but this is a pretty common route for me now, so I can tell it was about 1.2 miles each way, making it a total of 2.4 miles.

On the way back his leg was hurting a bit so we even considered doing a straighter route back, which would be slightly shorter, but he was not too bad and was able to redo the same route.

Tomorrow we’ll be walking together again for lunch, but to a different building to meet some common friends. I’ll try to track it tomorrow.

Welcome back, Nik!


Today I had an event on building 33. The event was from 9:30 to 12:00. At 9:30 I was still dropping off the girls in school, so I’d be late and I was sure that, being late, it would be very very hard to find a parking spot on that building.

So I parked on my old building (26) and took the trail until building (36) that is cross the street from the one I was going to (33). Total of about .7 miles.

At that time it was drizzling a little bit, but not much, so I did not get too wet.

Then, after about an hour in the event I got really bored and, because it was a private, secretive and confidential event, we were not allowed to use any devices to get us distracted.

I had set up lunch with a friend in building 41 at noon, so at about 11:00 I decided that it would do me more good to go for a 1-hour walk than to watch that boring event (going to the office was out of question, as it was in the opposite direction and made no sense at all to go there and then back again within 1 hour).

But by 11:00 the drizzle has become constant, steady rain. Then I thought:

“Well… if I do the trail I may not get too wet, because the trees provides some shelter.”

Then off I go to the trail again.

The thing is that the trail does provide shelter, when there are leaves on the trees! But we’re in WINTER, so no leaves out there!!!…

Needless to say I got pretty wet!

But that’s not all!

In the gravel trail there is an entrance to a smaller, narrower, dirt side trail. I have always seen it, always wanted to take it, but never did. So today, of any day, I decided to go and take the small, narrow, dirt (or should I say muddy?) side trail.

Yeah, it was muddy, but not too much, so that was not really an issue. The thing is that it’s surrounded by ferns, that sort of grows towards the trail, forcing you to slide your legs through them as you pass.

And it was raining a lot, so the ferns were very much wet.

Needless to say, my legs got pretty wet.

So by the time I arrived at building 41, I had my legs all wet, my jacket all wet, my hair dripping. Then I remembered those buildings have a locker room, and I was 20 minutes early anyways, so I went to the locker and spent 20 minutes trying to get dry with a ‘sandpaper’ towel. hahaha. The hair was fine. Pants no so much, although much better than when I got there.

My original idea when I parked in 26, considering that I’m totally out of shape and have a half-marathon to walk in less than a month was to walk to 33, then walk to 41, then walk to 86, then walk back to 26 at the end of the day.

Red route was the first not-so-wet one. The yeallow was the one that got me dripping water from my hair. The pink ones were the ones I gave up on doing...

Red route was the first not-so-wet one. The yeallow was the one that got me dripping water from my hair. The pink ones were the ones I gave up on doing…

But with the amount of water falling from the sky, I gave up part of the idea and after lunch at 41 I took my car, drove to 86, and call it the day for walking adventures…


On the first not-so-wet part of my walk today I also took the time to capture a few pictures from my favorite trail. On the second wet part, I decided to focus on walking only as a real training for the marathon.


Back into business

Today, after a 2-week forced break due to sickness, I finally went for a walk at lunch time.

It wasn’t too long. It wasn’t in one go. But it was a walk.

And it felt gooood!

One thing that I noticed during the walk and that also made me happy was that spring is starting to show its face, as there are lots of new leaves and small buds sprouting out there.

The temperature was also pretty nice, around the 10°C.

So maybe the groundhog was right and we’ll have an early spring this year??? Hopefully!

Yay! It feels really good to go back into the walking business…

Summary of today’s walks:

Details of each section of my walk today

Details of each section of my walk today

To walk or not to walk?

Still coughing a lot, and not feeling too energetic.

Weather-wise, it’s cold, but not extremely, and dry.

Part of me tells me to stay warm inside the office, saving my energies for a proper recovery, and leave the walking for next week.

Another part of me tells me exercising is good and may help me, if I can keep warm enough.


Recently my group trainer put me in contact with another client of hers, because the lady wants to walk her first half-marathon and was looking for tips on how to train for that.

I’m no expert in training, but it’s nice to share my experience.

The thing is that writing down how I trained back in 2011 and comparing with how I’m doing it now, I can clearly see that I’m not in the best of my shape and I’m not doing much to change that.

But I do have another half-marathon coming soon. A bit over a month and I’ll be there again walking 13+ miles.

That also pushes me to go out for a walk, even if short, today… Just to get going…

Boy, boy… what should I do?

To walk or not to walk today????



Update: Just realized my 1:00 meeting is at another building, not too far from mine. So maybe I can walk there for the meeting… So it will be short, but still some walk…

Off to the road then. Bye!

Taking a little vacation from walk

Not for pleasure, but by force.
The flu got me last Friday and even though I’m feeling much better now, I’m still low energy and trying to save all my energies for recovery…

My mom would say it was because of the thick fog last week.
Maybe it was… oh well.
I’ll still continue walking regardless of weather once I’m feeling better, though.

But until then, rest and chicken noodles….


Thick fog

Today I had a team lunch at Hayku Buffet. I ate A LOT! And with that, no time for a lunch time walk. But also because of that I simply needed to walk, so I could burn the calories I consumed over the feast at lunch.

So, at around 5:30, when I was about to leave for the day, I decided to go for a walk at that time.

But by that time, fog was already touching the ground. And it was thick fog. Really thick!

But the walk was refreshing. By the end of its 2.56 miles I was breathing well and felling less stuffed (not for long though, as tummy is indeed stuffed, but at least I felt good for a while).


And the greatest is that I still managed to meet my goal of consuming 500 less calories than the amount of calories burned. Actually after lunch I had only a latte and a chocolate truffle. Nothing more, except water. Of course none of the calorie measuring are really accurate  but based on somewhat informed guesses or calculations, I did it! Yay!


New trail

Today I was almost determined to not take any pictures during my walk and concentrate on the walk only.

But in the past couple years I just became a picture geek when walking, and having a camera (disguised as a phone) always with me does not help either.

So I do have pictures to show! Yay!


In regards to the walking, I started with a simple route on places I have been several times. But then, when I was about to enter the building again I checked the tracking app and realized I was just a bit short of 2 miles and decided to go around the building just to make it at least 2 miles. But among those buildings there are several side trails and I decided those were the ones I’d explore on my stretch to get to 2 miles.

And on doing so I even found a little hidden trail that I did not know about. It’s not long and it ends up weird if we try to follow it to the end (it hits the back wall of a building… :s) but it’s very nice and sort of recluse, being between tall trees and the fence to the freeway that passes by a few yards from there at a slightly lower level.

One more reason not to resist a few pictures, right? New trail!

The total distance traveled ended up being of about 2.5 miles: