Can’t stand this anymore.
I’m actually feeling much better, so I guess that may be the last stretch, but still sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.

A little timeline of my flu so far:

  • Friday, Jan 18th: started with some coughing and energy a bit lower than usual in the morning. Thought about skipping workout, but then decided to go anyways. Survived the workout very well, but could not concentrate at work at all. Brain fog was starting…
  • Saturday, Jan 19th: Took my oldest daughter to a birthday party 11-1, spend a few minutes outside at the party, while she was at the bouncing toy. It was freaking cold. Then from the party we went to a ‘open’ mall for lunch. The restaurant was warm but walking from the parking lot to it I got really cold again. During lunch I started feeling really bad. The afternoon was awful, with chills, no energy and a bit of cough. Started on DayQuil/NyQuil
  • Sunday, Jan 20th: as awful as Saturday afternoon.
  • Monday, Jan 21st: took the day off of work to get some rest and try to recover. The medicines were helping and I was beginning to feel better.
  • Tuesday, Jan 22nd: back to work, feeling OK, although still sick. Husband starts feeling sick too.
  • Wednesday, Jan 23rd: Felling actually pretty good. Planning even to stop medicine the next day. Husband calls me at 10 am saying he’s not well and is going back home. With him sick, I need to pick up the girls in school and be the sole provider for them at night. That sorts of overloads me a bit, but I’m still doing OK.
  • Thursday, Jan 24th: The overload of the day before + the no medicine in the morning brings me down a bit and I start feeling so so great again. Hubby still at home.
  • Friday, Jan 25th: Still going down, but surviving ok. Hubby goes back to work, but still feeling sick.
  • Saturday, Jan 26th: Start with sinus pain and runny nose.
  • Sunday, Jan 27th: Sinus pain is extreme. I stop the Quils and resort to Advil Cold and Sinus, that contains Pseudo-ephedrine. Ephedrine works like magic for my sinus, but does not allow me to sleep. Voice starts fading away. I cancel lunch I had schedule with a friend the next day. I have the last pill of Advil C+S at 7 pm, but still cannot have a wink until 5 am. And at 2:30 the pain is extreme again, being with no medico for so many hours. I take regular Advil (with no ephedrine) but it serves me nothing.
  • Monday, Jan 28th: I woke up at 7 (after only 2 hours of sleep), absolutely no voice. I email my husband asking them to call the doctor and schedule an appointment for me, since I can’t call anyone without voice to be heard. The earlier they can see me is 11:30. I take the girls to school, burn some time at a grocery store, then go to the doctor. She confirms sinus infection, faringitis and suspects pneumonia, sending me to x-ray and prescribing antibiotics + a few other stuff. Day off again. Stay home in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday, Jan 29th: still home, low energy, but feeling better than the day before. doctor calls that x-ray was clean, so no pneumonia, but the antibiotics are still needed for the sinus infection. She tells me to have the ephedrine back at least in the mornings to help me get rid of stuff.
  • Wednesday, Jan 30th: Back to work. Also back to ephedrine, but only until noon, so I can fall asleep at night. Expectorant that contains Guaifenesin only. Antibiotics. at the end of the day I’m extremely tired, my mouth is extremely dry and with a pretty bad taste (side-effect of the antibiotic). Mood is awful! But I’m feeling better and stuff are thinning and loosening up. Hubby is feeling worse and complains of sinus pain too.
  • Thursday, Jan 31st: feeling better, still taking all of the medicines, but found a solution for the dry-mouth: bioténe! Hubby goes to doctor and confirms sinus infection and get antibiotics too.
  • Friday, Feb 1st: Today! Entering the 3rd week. and as I said before:

Can’t stand this anymore.
I’m actually feeling much better, so I guess that may be the last stretch, but still sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.

My current best friends in the office

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