Infections (or Oh, crap!)

A couple of Fridays ago I got the flu. Felt awful over the weekend, took Monday off, then started to feel better. Wednesday I was feeling almost fully recovered. Then on Thursday it started going down again. Not as bad as the weekend though.
Then came weekend again and my sinus got to hurt like crazy. And my voice went away. So Monday I took the day off again and went to see my doctor. Left their office to take an x-ray at the hospital and with a diagnosis of sinus infection (I was already pretty sure about that one), throat infection (makes sense, hence the voice going away) and potentially and likely lung infection too.
Oh crap!
Peeking at the x-ray I could see some white where dark gray/black should be.
Oh crap again!
The doctor hasn’t called yet to confirm, but I guess she was right…
Big oh crap!

Update: the x-rays showed negative for pneumonia! Yay!!! The little white I saw was actually my heart…

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