Spring is in the air

Last week I avoided going for walks, in order to take time to recover from my little dare-to-jog-on-a-half-marathon injuries.

Friday I was feeling good though, so I risked walking with a friend to a cafe about 1 mile away from our offices for some lunch.

The way there passes through a trail around a wetland and, as we walked, I noticed the blooming flowers and buds and bright green baby leaves. I could not believe I didn’t have my camera with me! Well… I did have my phone, but my phone does not work very well when trying to take macro pictures, so for that occasion I really wanted my Canon camera.

Then came today!

In the morning we had lots of rain. So much that I did not have too many hopes for a walk. I missed my workout and that made me pretty grumpy, with ideas of going to the gym at the end of the day, even though I know deep inside that the likelihood that that would happen was very dim. And that ‘deep knowledge’ was not really helping me in raising my spirits.

When lunch time came I decided to check out the weather outside (no windows in my office… :() and to my surprise the sun was shining! The sky still had lots of clouds, but there was also big patches of blue sky and we were getting the sunshine.

I didn’t think twice, grabbed my camera and off I went to that same trail to take a few shots of the blooming flowers and chirping birds.

The walk was in 2 parts, since I ended up having lunch on the same cafe was Friday again. And it was also very slow, because I was looking around and stopping all the time for pictures.
(this week I can even use the excuse that my feet cannot be forced much to justify a slow walk. And if the walk is slow anyways, why not take pictures, right?)


The total distance walked was of 2.18 miles (1.03 + 1.15), walked in about 1h05m (31:57 + 32:50) and with an average pace of about 30:00 (31:06 on first leg; 28:33 on second). Veeeery sloooowww.


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