Photo: Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge – Take a New Photo

Fresh from the oven… Kirkland waterfront on a late afternoon.


This post was written in response to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Take a New Photo.

Today I left work a bit earlier than usual, but decided to give the nanny the opportunity to work her regulars hours. So I went for a walk in Kirkland with the intention to take a new photo for this challenge. I got a few, but this one was my favorite.



It was the night before the vernal equinox.
The wood fairies were busy in wrapping up winter and getting everything ready for spring.

In the bark of the trees, pupae are about to hatch, just in time for the equinox festival.

Now, the day has come!
Night and day have the same length and life is about to sprout everywhere with the start of spring.

The fairies did their job and will now enjoy the big festival.

Flower and leaves buds start to open.
Little and big animals wake up from hibernation.
Birds fly back home.
And, as soon as the day becomes night and dark falls upon the earth, fireflies of every color emerge from their pupae and light up the trees in a breathtaking festival of lights, getting ready for life as adults and the love season.


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Climbing cherry trees? Why not? WHY???

Yesterday we went to University of Washington campus to enjoy the view of the blooming cherry trees.
And the trees were so climbing friendly!!!
My kids couldn’t resist and climbed on a few of them, with our help.

Kids at the tree branch

Kids at the tree branch

In one of them, I decided to try to climb too, but after both kids were at the branch, there wasn’t much space left for me to get there, so I stayed sort of midway, still in the main trunck, but not in any branches.
It didn’t really feel like I was climbing the tree…

When they came down, we continued on our walk. The entire time I thought about going back and climbing a tree alone (or at least be the first one to get there), but something stopped me from doing so.
Not sure what. Laziness?
It could not be embarrassment because the trees were being climbed by all sorts of people and no one was there to judge anyone else.
It couldn’t be fear, because I don’t fear climbing on trees (at least not the small ones… hehehe)

Now I sort of regret. I should have came back and climbed and then grabbed the kids to be on top with me.
How cool would that have been???

Oh well… next time…

I did take pictures of the trees and the pretty flowers, though….

Blossoms at the tree trunk

Blossoms at the tree trunk

Fully blooming

Fully blooming

Panoramic view

Panoramic view

And, by the way, it was also a pretty walk of over 2 miles. I can’t tell the exact distance and it was done pretty slowly, but still a walk. Except in the last little bit, when I had to come back from the parking lot to where we rested last time to grab my purse I forgot there. At that part, I ran. Pretty fast and barefoot, as my shoes yesterday were not running friendly at all – actually they were not even walking friendly either. 😦
Fortunately, my purse was still there and intact and I was able to walk back…

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers. This week’s Challenge is: Spring!

Spring is coming and flowers are starting to bloom.

Yesterday I wrote a post about my lunchtime walk in which I took a few pictures of the little signs of Spring.

Today I’m participating of this challenge with a couple more of the pictures I took yesterday.

All pictures were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX 110 IS.

I hope you like it.

IMG_5324 IMG_5353

Spring is in the air

Last week I avoided going for walks, in order to take time to recover from my little dare-to-jog-on-a-half-marathon injuries.

Friday I was feeling good though, so I risked walking with a friend to a cafe about 1 mile away from our offices for some lunch.

The way there passes through a trail around a wetland and, as we walked, I noticed the blooming flowers and buds and bright green baby leaves. I could not believe I didn’t have my camera with me! Well… I did have my phone, but my phone does not work very well when trying to take macro pictures, so for that occasion I really wanted my Canon camera.

Then came today!

In the morning we had lots of rain. So much that I did not have too many hopes for a walk. I missed my workout and that made me pretty grumpy, with ideas of going to the gym at the end of the day, even though I know deep inside that the likelihood that that would happen was very dim. And that ‘deep knowledge’ was not really helping me in raising my spirits.

When lunch time came I decided to check out the weather outside (no windows in my office… :() and to my surprise the sun was shining! The sky still had lots of clouds, but there was also big patches of blue sky and we were getting the sunshine.

I didn’t think twice, grabbed my camera and off I went to that same trail to take a few shots of the blooming flowers and chirping birds.

The walk was in 2 parts, since I ended up having lunch on the same cafe was Friday again. And it was also very slow, because I was looking around and stopping all the time for pictures.
(this week I can even use the excuse that my feet cannot be forced much to justify a slow walk. And if the walk is slow anyways, why not take pictures, right?)


The total distance walked was of 2.18 miles (1.03 + 1.15), walked in about 1h05m (31:57 + 32:50) and with an average pace of about 30:00 (31:06 on first leg; 28:33 on second). Veeeery sloooowww.


Back into business

Today, after a 2-week forced break due to sickness, I finally went for a walk at lunch time.

It wasn’t too long. It wasn’t in one go. But it was a walk.

And it felt gooood!

One thing that I noticed during the walk and that also made me happy was that spring is starting to show its face, as there are lots of new leaves and small buds sprouting out there.

The temperature was also pretty nice, around the 10°C.

So maybe the groundhog was right and we’ll have an early spring this year??? Hopefully!

Yay! It feels really good to go back into the walking business…

Summary of today’s walks:

Details of each section of my walk today

Details of each section of my walk today