Yesterday we went to University of Washington campus to enjoy the view of the blooming cherry trees.
And the trees were so climbing friendly!!!
My kids couldn’t resist and climbed on a few of them, with our help.

Kids at the tree branch
Kids at the tree branch

In one of them, I decided to try to climb too, but after both kids were at the branch, there wasn’t much space left for me to get there, so I stayed sort of midway, still in the main trunck, but not in any branches.
It didn’t really feel like I was climbing the tree…

When they came down, we continued on our walk. The entire time I thought about going back and climbing a tree alone (or at least be the first one to get there), but something stopped me from doing so.
Not sure what. Laziness?
It could not be embarrassment because the trees were being climbed by all sorts of people and no one was there to judge anyone else.
It couldn’t be fear, because I don’t fear climbing on trees (at least not the small ones… hehehe)

Now I sort of regret. I should have came back and climbed and then grabbed the kids to be on top with me.
How cool would that have been???

Oh well… next time…

I did take pictures of the trees and the pretty flowers, though….

Blossoms at the tree trunk
Blossoms at the tree trunk

Fully blooming
Fully blooming
Panoramic view
Panoramic view

And, by the way, it was also a pretty walk of over 2 miles. I can’t tell the exact distance and it was done pretty slowly, but still a walk. Except in the last little bit, when I had to come back from the parking lot to where we rested last time to grab my purse I forgot there. At that part, I ran. Pretty fast and barefoot, as my shoes yesterday were not running friendly at all – actually they were not even walking friendly either. 😦
Fortunately, my purse was still there and intact and I was able to walk back…

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