Bad week?

This week has been so tough?

Not that there is anything bad happening, but I just not in a good mood…

Maybe because I’m tired of having my guests at home and with that I’m feeling anxious to see the day they go back home (in 3 days! Yoo-hoo!)

Maybe because I’ve been eating too much carbs and sugars, which I have already proven myself it does not help me keep my good moods.

Maybe because I’m just tired, having set myself to study 2 subjects in 2 different environments (Web Design in a classroom, on evenings, at Bellevue College; Python, online at Coursera)

Maybe because after a few weeks of very good weather, it’s been rainy and cold again.

Maybe because I haven’t worked out this week, since Miss V in on vacation and I haven’t really walked.

Maybe because I miss my friends, who I haven’t seen in a bit.

Maybe because I’ve been closing myself up in this office and some days I barely talk to anyone in the team.

Maybe because I’m not playing enough! (

Oh well.

Just hope next week, when life gets back into the go’ol routine, I’ll start feeling better again.

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