The things we do for a book

Last week, my daughter got home asking my husband about where did the very first person in the world came from. He started trying to explain the evolution theory and she kept asking and seems very interested. So that same night we decided to search for children books on evolution and ended up adding a book on hold in a library about 2.5 miles again from my office.

I must confess it was the first time we ever used the hold feature of our library system, so out of ignorance I assumed the next day the book would already be there for me and I walked all the way there, just to find out it takes about 2-3 day for the hold to happen.

Tracked by my Garmin

Tracked by my Garmin

Then, on Saturday we finally got the email that the book was on hold for us and it could be picked up until a week later.

So, to take advantage of an easy week at worked, I planned another walk to the library to pick it up on Thrusday (today!).

But this time, when I was about half a mile into the walk already I realized I had forgotten my library card and my id in the office… so I come back again, which added 1 mile and 22 minutes to the total walk.

Then after getting all I needed, off I went again heading to the library.

The walk is actually mostly on a trail that goes along a river, so very pleasant and ‘express’ (or in other words, not many stops at lights to way for cars… )

During the 2 hours that the walk took me I had the company of snails, slugs, dragonflies, geese, ducks, small birds, big eagle birds being scared away by medium crow birds (second time I see that this month; crows are tough!!!), blue herons, big yellow butterflies flying away, small white butterflies flying along side with me for a few yards, fat black and yellow bees sipping juice from beautiful colorful flowers, and a camera whose batteries decides to die right when I’m focusing on the blue heron. (lesson learnt: always check your camera batteries before leaving. If they’re not full enough either replace them or don’t bother to bring the camera, as to avoid extra little weight and extra big frustration… ;o)

The second time I also decided to use a different device for tracking…

Tracked by Endomondo

Tracked by Endomondo

On my playlist, on the way to the library, I had to struggle with the app that streams my songs from Skydrive, but in spite of the struggle I heard a bit of everything: Cassia Eller, Jelena Tomasevic, Extreme Party Animals, Chico Buarque, Elsa Soares, Matti Caspi, Caetano Velloso…… Then on the way back, tired of fighting the app, I decided to go for Jake Owen streaming from Xbox music – much more reliable.

It was a nice long walk. The biggest problem of this route though it that the first 3/4 of a mile is a steep downhill, which means that the last 3/4 of a mile is a steep uphill. And THAT is not too much fun.

But I still enjoyed and plan to do the same when the time comes that I need to return the book. With fully charged batteries and some songs copied directly to the phone! ;o)

And now, for the big star of the post:

The book that made me walk 11.61 miles

The book that made me walk 11.61 miles

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