Though week

This week was tough! Not for what’s going on in my life, because life is being good to me. But for what’s going on in this world.

My home country is on the verge of a revolution. It’s been a couple of weeks now since the people decided to wake up for their social issues and take the streets with protests. The trigger was a 20 cents raise on the bus fares, but it’s not really about 20 cents. It’s much more than that. It’s the corruption in the government, it’s the precarious state of the public health systems, it’s the high cost of living, it’s the tax money being used for unimportant things while the basic needs of the people are not taken care of, it’s the poor education, it’s the very low salaries of people who matters compared to the incredibly high salaries of the corrupted politicians, it’s the fact that the high people does wrong, gets condemned but then nothing happens and they go on with their lives as it nothing had happened.

No one know what would come out of this, but I must admit I’m a bit skeptic about it bringing any good. It may cause a short term temporary nice result, then go back to the old crappy ways after people cool down and forget (and we do forget very quickly and easy, something with the water or the weather, maybe???…). It may cause the coming back of repression and dictatorship, like we had in the past. It may result in absolutely nothing. And it’s this uncertainty and this skepticism of mine that makes me anxious.

Then, coming back to my own little world, 7000 miles north, I just had the news that the massage therapist on my chiropractor’s office has passed away. The news came on Wednesday through an email and a facebook post on the office page. Both had the same message, announcing her death and asking people to post their experiences with her ‘magic hands’ as a memorial to her. (and her hands were magic indeed. She was the best massage therapist I have ever tried. Soooo good!!!) But it did not say the cause of death. And it shouldn’t really, as a facebook post is not really the right place for this kind of details. But I got curious and then on Thursday night, during class and while the teacher looked at other people’s assignments, I decided to bing her name to see if I could find something out in the Internet. And I did. And what I found had shocked me. She has actually been killed at the door of her own home, leaving behind a little boy. She was only 35! No one knows exactly by whom and why she was killed but police is investigating. And I’m still in shock. I keep thinking about his little boy. What’s going to be of him without mama? Where will he go?

So, as I said above. This was a very, very, very though – and sad – week!
I just hope for the best for the people back home and for the little kid who lost her mom.

Magic hands and people on the streets

Magic hands and people on the streets

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