Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Big milestone today!


Not half a century quite yet, but, as as say in Brazil, I’m today ‘entering the house of the entas‘, from which we don’t leave until we turn 100 (what unfortunately is not as common as people would like ;))

In the morning, hubby woke up the girls really early so they could surprise me with birthday gifts. It’s true that the gifts were not really a surprise considering that I went with him to the mall yesterday to choose, but the kids don’t know that and they were really excited to surprise me.

They were the ones who told daddy what they wanted to give to me (a blouse and a dress). Then, on each gift they wrote their names.

Very cute!

For celebrations, I’ll actually have 3:

  • Lunch today with friends from work
  • Dinner tonight with hubby (got a babysitter for the kids)
  • Party on Sunday offered by a friend at her house.

Since last night (it was 24th in Brazil a few hours before it was here…) I’ve been also receiving lots of birthday wishes on email and facebook.

Yay! Happy birthday to me!!!!

Note: 40 = quarenta, then it comes cinquenta(50), sessenta(60), setenta(70), oitenta(80), noventa(90)… But cem(100)

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