Sad day at work?

Today is sort of a sad day at work.

My good friend Michael is leaving the company and going to a competitor.

I do believe the change will be great for him, as his new job will be more in line with what he enjoys and his position will be a better one. Salary will also be higher and being on a smaller team will mean less politics to deal with.

But I still feel sad about not having him around starting tomorrow.

Since I started in the company he’s always been my reference for everything and anything. He’s kind, smart, sweet.

Here’s the email I sent yesterday in response to his announcement email (it was one of the many that his email generated in the team):

Disclaimer: there will be lots of references to processes and tools at work (but no leaks!), which you may not get fully, but that’s just the nature of a working email…

February 14th 2006 was my first day in the office at building 24 (I started on the 13th but that was NEO day).

That day I learned I was going to share my office with someone. And that someone was Michael.

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share an office with.

So since the very beginning of my life at the company I’ve been a great fan of Michael.

For his personality, his intelligence, his scripting solutions (I used to use some of his quick solutions he created for French in the Brazilian files and they helped a lot).

Since then Michael became my to-go person for getting things done in a very smart way. I once ‘dumped’ a tool another LIP team kindly shared with us because the one Michael came up with was MUCH more efficient.

I’m an enthusiastic user and advertiser of ASSET for obvious reasons (the thing IS awesome!).

I have Michael as our family official Valentine singer, as he has sang to me and to my husband a few times in the past years.

We talk about everything a little bit and I really like it. I remember once he asked me how come the X in Portuguese sounded like ‘sh’. If it was influence from the Turkish. Heck, I had no idea, but just the fact that he would even think about such a question to ask made me admire him even more.

Then when I started working with LIPs I remember him trying to convince me that we had to have a LIP in Esperanto!

Because that’s Michael.

A guy who is always in a good mood, always willing to help and who can easily talk about whatever.

So anyways, I’m not great in writing emails like this, but I felt I couldn’t leave it without one.

The most important thing here is that I’ll (I’m sure we all will) miss him like crazy and, although I’m excited about this new opportunity for him, I feel really sad to see him go.


I’ll miss you Michael!!!!!

I was a great pleasure to have you around all those years!!!

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