The First Prophecy

Yesterday I created a text about a last prophecy, based on a 15-minute writing challenge I saw at the Sentient Ink blog.
But then, after posting it, I realized the theme was actually the FIRST prophecy…

Hummm… should I simply allow myself to change the theme? Or should I try again?

I guess I’ll keep my first one, but also try again, two ways:

a. everything new

b. keep the characters, change just the development as to make the prophecy a first

(that means 23 minutes, 15 for the new everything, and 8 to the second version of Angel’s story)

So here it goes…

The First Prophecy (Terence)

It’s a raining night.
The streets are empty and Terence is trying to run for cover. He was not prepared for this rain and now it seems the skies are falling over the city. He sees a covered alley and goes for it. But right when he’s about to get there a lighting strucks the light post right next to him. It does not struck him directly, but some sparkles do hit him and he falls down. He is not sure if he’s dying of not, and closes his eyes.

But he does not die, he only sleeps.
And he dreams.

In his dream, a town is on fire. Someone had put a pot of glue on fire by accident, but the weather is dry and the wind is blowing. The fire spreads out quickly and burns everything on its way, until it reaches the water. The town is destroyed. No one is dead, but lots of business are burned down to ashes.
This is the first day of June of the year 1889.

Terence wakes up in the alley, on a puddle of mud, his head throbs with pain. He’s alive, the rain is gone.
He goes back to his regular life. Home to work, to home again.

A week later, he’s walking to work when he stops at a corner where a little boy is selling newspapers. Something inside urges him to read the news. He pays for the paper and goes to his office.
As soon as he sits at his desk, he opens the paper and sees the headline:
“The Great Seattle Fire – how the town of Seattle was turned into ashes on the 6th of June of this year 1889.”

The dream! The lightning! He’s in awe. He’s afraid. He’s trying to understand.
How come he knew? How come he dreamed about it a week ago and it’s now happening somewhere else in the world.
Has the lighting sparkle caused this? His First Prophecy?

Downtown Seattle after the Great Fire (First Avenue between Columbia Street & the Skid Road). Image from the Museum of History & Industry

Downtown Seattle after the Great Fire
(First Avenue between Columbia Street & the Skid Road).
Image from the Museum of History & Industry

The First Prophecy (Angel)

Angel was crossing the street holding her daughter’s, Celia, hands. It was a busy street at that time of the day, and she was making sure the lights were green for them and no crazy drivers were trying to go on red lights.

When they reach the other side of the street, a woman she had never seen before looks at them and say:
“Watch out for your kid. She’s in danger.”

Angel freaks out by that. Who was that lady? Why did she say that to her? What kind of danger may be coming to her lovely daughter? Is she some sort of clairvoyant? Does she know anything Angel does not?

She calls her mom as soon as she gets home. She’s in panic.
Mom doesn’t believe in clairvoyance and tries to ease Angel’s discomfort by claiming that the lady may be crazy. Or else, asking Angel to check on the nanny who takes care of the girl after school. Is the nanny holding her hands to cross the street too? Does she watches the kid well? Maybe the lady had seen the kid with the nanny and realized the care is not as good and safe.

But the nanny is good and Angel is not convinced.
She tries to look for the lady again.

A couple of days later, she finds her and when seeing Angel again, this time without the kid, the lady says:
“The danger lies within. Love is the remedy.”

Angel wants to know more, she asks the lady what exactly is she talking about and why. But the lady turns her back and goes away. Angel tries to run after her, but after turning the corner, the lady is gone.

Angel gets home worried and looks for her daughter. She looks at the kid, gives her a big warm hug and says that she loves her with all of her heart and her soul.

Celia’s face brightens up. She has been scared lately, felling anxious, wondering if life is even worth it. She needs to know she’s loved, and here’s her mom, the most important person in the world, telling her so.
She looks back at mamma, looks right into Angel’s eyes, and says:
“Thanks mom! I love you too.”

From that day on, Angel is always making sure to tell everyone she loves how much she loves them. Especially Celia, her beautiful daughter.
Just in case.
Who knows by doing so she’s not saving them from some danger, like in the first prophecy of the lady in the street.

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