The Last Prophecy

Angel was crossing the street holding her daughter’s hands. It was a busy street at that time of the day, and she was making sure the lights were green for her and no crazy drivers were trying to go on red lights.

When they reach the other side of the street, a woman she has never seen before looks at them and say:
“Watch out for your kid. She’s in danger.”

Angel freaks out by that. Who was that lady? Why did she say that to her? What kind of danger may be coming to her lovely daughter? Is she some sort of clairvoyant? Does she know anything Angel does not?

She calls her mom as soon as she gets home. She’s in panic.
Mom doesn’t believe in clairvoyance and tries to ease Angel’s discomfort by claiming that the lady may be crazy. Or else, asking Angel to check on the nanny who takes care of the girl after school. Is the nanny holding her hands to cross the street too? Does she watches the kid well? Maybe the lady had seen the kid with the nanny and realized the care is not as good and safe.

But the nanny is good and Angel is not convinced.
She tries to look for the lady again, by passing at the same place at around the same time for a few days.

After about a week of the spooky encounter, she decides to ask the tender of a bar right next to the pedestrian crossing where they met a week ago.
“The weird lady? Yes, I know who she is. She claims to see people’s futures. But from what I can tell everything she saw about passers by ended up happening to her. I haven’t seen who she made her last prophecy to, as I was home sick on that day, but last week she was ran over by a car, in this pedestrian crossing right here in front of our store. Poor lady. Crazy but not a bad person. Not a bad person at all.”

Angel was sad for the lady, but a huge sense of relief came to her and she could finally breathe freely. Unafraid.


Inspired by the writing challenge in Sentient Ink, where they’re supposed to write a 15-minute flash fiction on the Urban Fiction genre and the title being the First Prophecy (but then I messed up and switched the order of the prophecies… :oS  – will be creating more with the right one soon)

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