Lantern Festival

Seisyll shows a flier to Sineta, about a lantern festival to be held on October 24th.

“That’s on my 16th birthday! Just like Disney’s Rapunzel. I wanna see it!”

“That’s what I thought you would. We go together?”

“Yes! Of course! Wait a minute… you know what would be even more perfect?”


“Not too far from the festival site, there is that old castle ruins. How about we watch it from there? Then it would be exactly like Rapunzel. What do you say?”

He agrees.

On the 24th of October, they leave about an hour before sunset and head to the castle. They climb the broken up spiral staircases that leads to the top of the tower, arriving at the top just about the time the first lanterns are released.

They watch the spectacular display from there, his arms over her shoulders to protect her from the night chill. And that’s when and where their first kiss happens.


This story has 161 words and was written in response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.
Picture provided by Sonya, from Only 100 Words.


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About mine:

Today I just learnt that there will indeed be a lantern festival on the day of my own birthday.
I had already remembered Rapunzel in last week’s story, then the obvious reference with this week’s tower picture.
Then I remembered the Disney version of the story today again when I heard about the lanterns on the day of my birthday.
Simply couldn’t resist using both the tower and the lanterns here

And now just to brag a little bit about the little reasearch I did…
I also tried to pick names that made some sense.
Sineta means little bell in Portuguese, which is also the meaning of campanula, the scientific name for rumpian (or rapunzel) flower.
Seisyll is the acient Celtic variant of the name Cecil, which means blind, and that was the sad fate of the prince in the original story.

PS. No, I’m not 16. Have past that age long, long ago… ;o)

17 thoughts on “Lantern Festival

  1. I really really liked this story but after reading about it being your birthday and about the lantern festival on your birthday, I liked it even more. I also loved the ending about it being their first kiss. Wonderful story!

  2. A lovely story, Etol. I’ve never been to a lantern festival, and you make it sound quite beautiful – especially when watched from the top of a castle tower. I see you’ve already discussed the date of your birthday with my daughter (afairymind). The funny thing is, Louise was born on my wedding anniversary, so October 24th is well celebrated in our house! 🙂

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