One-Four Challenge: September Week 4

This is the last week for the September One-four challenge.

The images I’ll be using this month were actually created back in July, when I learned about the challenge and went crazy about creating 2 sets of images, the one I used then, and the one I’ll be using this month.

Having been so long since the editing of the pictures, I need also admit I don’t remember how exactly I edited them, except of course by the obvious. I’ll try to remember at least those obvious. All edits were made on my Android phone, using the Photo Editor app.

So here’s this week’s version:


In this one I decided to use the weird effects of the app. So I use a invert color to get my magenta roses to become blue, and also a mirroring (both vertical and horizontal) effect for the caleidoscope look and feel.

So bellow you’ll fint a compilation of all 4 versions as well as the original, and a poll. Please vote on your favorite one.

11 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: September Week 4

    • Thanks for your comment. Interesting that you though it was creepy. Never saw it that way. You pictures look also great. I like your week 4, with the baby. ;o)

  1. Etol, I just love that you went crazy for the challenge and that your edits were done on your phone!
    This week to me is like one of those 3D puzzle images… kind of hypnotic! Feels like I’m literally being drawn into it. Clever.
    Very hard to choose a favourite this time 😀

    • Thanks to you for hosting the challenge. It’s really fun to play with the pictures in different ways. The October ones will be a new set though. Still trying to decide on the picture… 😉

  2. I love this! It’s a wonderfully trippy image. It remind me of some mandalas I used to make years ago on an old photoshop program. I might have to see if I can work out how to do them again!

  3. What a weird effect! Not sure about this one Etol… When I go back to each week of your series, the one that stands out for me is your week 1 edit: simple but really effective with the selective desaturation.

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