The world was colorful and happy. Except for Griswald.

Griswald lived in the gray forest and liked it like this. He didn’t care about colors and happiness. For him the entire world could be gray. But that was not really his problem. As long as people didn’t bother him, he would keep quiet on his isolated, gray and sad world.

One day, a group of kindergarteners come with their teacher and a few chaperone parents to the forest and plant some colorful flowers, in an attempt to make it brighter and prettier.

When Griswald sees the pretty flowers he gets enraged and swears vengeance.

For the next few months he makes himself busy building some sort of gadget. Then, on a beautiful sunny spring day, the gadget is finally ready to be used.

It looks like a regular car, all gray just like him. He starts the car and drives towards town. But as he drives, the car steals all the colors around and makes the rest of the world as gray as Griswald forest.


This story was written in response to this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers with photo prompt from pixabay, and contains 175 words.

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3 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. Very creative! Your twist to the prompt goes with the photo prompt perfectly! I really like how he makes a car that takes on all the color of the world itself. Too bad the rest of the world has to be gray and sad. 😦 Great story!

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