This week, I’m trying to participate for the first time on the Weekly Writing Prompt, hosted by The Secret Keeper.

In this prompt we are supposed to write in any form (fiction or poetry) using the 5 provided words.

This week’s words are:


I typically write fiction in prose, as poetry is not in my comfort zone. But for this week’s words, and the story they inspired on me, I thought writing is verses would be more appropriate. So I tried…

I wrote a story that’s being told in 5 haikus. Each haiku containing one of the prompt words.

They are haikus in metrics, not so much in essence, but I guess it worked ok-ish.

Let me know what you think.



She had a cool gift.
Did something no one else could.
The gift of speaking!

Not normal speaking.
She always spoke in verse,
and never in prose.

For that same reason,
they offered her a nice job
that would make her rich.

Her work was easy.
All she had to was to speak,
entertaining guests.

With that she would earn
a coin that would allow to
buy her love a gift.




5 thoughts on “Versing

  1. I love your story and the gift of the young woman ability, how original, and the way you told it in Haiku, one word at a time. I will have to remember doing it one word per verse. Thanks for jumping out of your comfort zone. Brave using poetry if you are more familiar writing in prose. I have tried the prose and I must say my comfort zone for the (5) word challenge is in poetic form. If you decide to try it again, I would love to see you write a short piece of prose, to see where it takes you. You definitely did a great job with the Haiku.

    I, myself, also, love writing in the prose form but when you have the restrictions of the (5) words, it can be a bit more tricky. But that is the fun of this word puzzle [as I like to refer to it]. Thanks for joining in Etol. I hope it is alright to call you Etol. I do hope to see you next time or again soon. – jk

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