CCY: Diagonal Lines

My first picture for this week’s challenge is one I wasn’t really the one who took, since I’m actually the one pictured on it. It was still with my camera, though… The picture showed a bit more of the structure, but I like how my body lines up with the pole, so I cropped it to emphasize on this alignment.


My second and third pictures were taken from the airplane and shows the wing of the plane growing diagonally out of it. My focus on the original picture were the mountains, so in my first edit, I cropped enough to have the wing cutting though the entire picture, but still wanted to showcase the 2 mountains.


But then I guess the mountain took a bit of the diagonal focus, so I cropped even more, but must admit didn’t like that one either because it then became a picture of nothing.


In my next picture, I like the diagonal roof and how is aligns with the sunset-y clouds.


My next 2 pictures are from building structures with diagonal walls. The first being a straw wickiup, in California, and the other, the angled conical hot shop of the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA.



Last but not least, my last picture comes from the upholstery of the shuttle I this week today to commute between buildings for meetings…


This post was written in response to Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge:  Week #8 Diagonal Lines.

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