Flying away

She lived in the foothills.
Life there was good, but sometimes it could be painful.
Not because of the place.
The pain came from within.

Then on a Sunday morning, she wakes up with absolutely no pain at all.
She looks around and sees some old friends that were long gone.
They’re looking at her with a lot of love, and reach their hands to her.

She grabs their hands and get up.
Her legs are not swollen anymore.
They walk in silence, hands tied together.
She feels a sudden sense of happiness.
At some point she looks back and fells a bit sorry for Paul, her beloved husband.
She sees him by her bed, crouched and sad, with tears on his eyes.

“I love you, Paul”, she whispers.
A faint smile forms in his face for a split of a second.
He has heard it.
She knows he has.
She can now go in peace.
Then one day they shall meet again.

She rejoins her long gone friends and continues walking, heading to the beach.
Once there, they all fly away, like seagulls, towards the sky.

barbara2 barbara1

This post was written in memory of Barbara Beacham, and is response to the Special Challenge create by PJ in memory of our fellow blogger. Barbara was the host of the Monday’s Finish the Story Writing Challenge and has passed away on Sunday, November 22nd, after losing her battle with cancer.

I was sort of new to the challenge, having participated on it only in the last 5 weeks. I learned about it several weeks before my first try, but for a while I was shy to try having to start with a provided sentence. Then, once I tried, I got addicted and every Monday I would wait to see what Barbara would bring us. I got inspired even by the cat’s images! (I’m not a cat person at all).

Then she was gone. I felt worried when I heard about her health situation, then I felt sad when I heard the news about her passing.

Even though I never met her personally, and didn’t even had too many opportunities to communicate with her, I felt the sense of community that exists among the bloggers who participate on hers challenges. I also felt the pain in Paul’s writing to announce her departure.

So here it is, a little piece of writing in her memory.
see other ways people are finding to honor her, click the blue frog below.

Be well, Barbara! ^..^
You’ll sure be missed!



2 thoughts on “Flying away

  1. Awww, this is so wonderful and so sweet Etol! I got chills when I saw your closing. I am sure Barbara would be so happy and pleased to read this. Thank you for participating and for the wonderful tribute to Barbara.

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