Flying away

She lived in the foothills.
Life there was good, but sometimes it could be painful.
Not because of the place.
The pain came from within.

Then on a Sunday morning, she wakes up with absolutely no pain at all.
She looks around and sees some old friends that were long gone.
They’re looking at her with a lot of love, and reach their hands to her.

She grabs their hands and get up.
Her legs are not swollen anymore.
They walk in silence, hands tied together.
She feels a sudden sense of happiness.
At some point she looks back and fells a bit sorry for Paul, her beloved husband.
She sees him by her bed, crouched and sad, with tears on his eyes.

“I love you, Paul”, she whispers.
A faint smile forms in his face for a split of a second.
He has heard it.
She knows he has.
She can now go in peace.
Then one day they shall meet again.

She rejoins her long gone friends and continues walking, heading to the beach.
Once there, they all fly away, like seagulls, towards the sky.

barbara2 barbara1

This post was written in memory of Barbara Beacham, and is response to the Special Challenge create by PJ in memory of our fellow blogger. Barbara was the host of the Monday’s Finish the Story Writing Challenge and has passed away on Sunday, November 22nd, after losing her battle with cancer.

I was sort of new to the challenge, having participated on it only in the last 5 weeks. I learned about it several weeks before my first try, but for a while I was shy to try having to start with a provided sentence. Then, once I tried, I got addicted and every Monday I would wait to see what Barbara would bring us. I got inspired even by the cat’s images! (I’m not a cat person at all).

Then she was gone. I felt worried when I heard about her health situation, then I felt sad when I heard the news about her passing.

Even though I never met her personally, and didn’t even had too many opportunities to communicate with her, I felt the sense of community that exists among the bloggers who participate on hers challenges. I also felt the pain in Paul’s writing to announce her departure.

So here it is, a little piece of writing in her memory.
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Be well, Barbara! ^..^
You’ll sure be missed!



10 cents

She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge. For being adventurous, but also for getting into financial trouble after her adventures…

One day, she could not believe her eyes, when she saw a sign announcing a 5 acre lot on sale for 10 cents. 10 cents?????

She didn’t think twice and bought the property.

Her days of renting would soon be over. All she needed was to build a simple house where she could live. And then, try to make some money out of the land somehow.

Simple and easy.

But the land she bought was home to a big community of wild unfriendly buffalos.

Every time she started something, the buffalos would destroy everything.

She tried several times, and got it all destroyed several times.

She could not kill them all (that’s what she felt like doing) because in that land, buffalos were protected by federal law.

It ended up being the worse invested 10 cents in her entire life.



This post was written in response to the Mondays Finish the Story challenge, with the prompt of the photo below and starting with She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge.


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Dumped body

I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured.

Saturday night I was coming back from a friend’s party when my car decided to fail me. Well, I’m in Rio, and you don’t want to be alone on a dark street in the middle of the night in Rio. You just don’t.

But that was where I found myself, and that’s exactly how my worse nightmare started.

They came from the road side, attacked me, robbed everything they could, and shot me. I fainted, so they took me for dead and dumped me close to Rio Centro. That’s where I woke up at dawn, surrounded by the vultures.

I was weak and hurt, but I wasn’t dead and I could still walk. I walked to Rio Centro’s entrance to be helped by security guys.

The vultures will have to find another meal…


This post was written in response to Monday’s Finish the Story challenge of this week.

Just as background information, Rio Centro is a conference center in a not so populated area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I used to live close to that place and one of the streets surrounding it was too dark and didn’t have much movement. So criminals (and there are tons of them in Rio…) did use to dump bodies in there. I was always afraid of driving on that road at night, fearing to see more than I should and have people come after me. So I used to do a bigger but relatively safer route back home.

Now, I’m leaving in the US for almost 15 years and last time I visited Brazil was at about 4.5 years ago. But just the thought of going back to visit family and friends, makes me have nightmares that I’m being robbed, mugged, followed…. so the situation above would indeed have been one of my worse nightmares.

And about the happy ending, I just couldn’t be able to kill myself, even in fiction….

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The time is now!

Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest.

It started one morning when, while waiting to open the gates for the big celebration, his house was marked.

Guests went away, afraid of being close to the red mark. He and his family were doomed.

He knew it was time to change, but he was also afraid.
He could still save his family if he went away, but that would mean not seeing them ever again.

The spirits came to summon him. “I can’t decide when to change” was his answer.

“The time is now! Come.”

And so he did…

This post was written in response to 2 writing challenges:

  1. Mondays Finish the Story – Oct. 19th, 2015 -> with a prompt to start a story with the sentence “Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest” and be inspired by the picture below:
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  2. 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – #Week171 -> with a prompt to include in the story the sentence “I can’t decide when to change

I also took the opportunity to write a brief continuation to my own The Red Mark, on which lots of people replied curious about what the mark means. Well, this 106 word story does not really explain much, but puts us one step ahead into finding out what it means… ;o)

The Opening Day (continuation to The Closing Night)

The public was ecstasy and applauded him for about 30 minutes, waiting for him to come back and take a bow.

He never got to hear the applause, though, as his last trick was to vanish from the stage, reappearing on a nice little boat off the coast of Indonesia.

That’s what he wanted for his life now. To find enchantment on places he has never been, where people go to him for the person he was, not for magic tricks.

The boat came to a resort, with all of the commodities he would ask for. The place was gorgeous and that morning was stunning. He was able to lay down on the beach and relax with the thought that he had all the time of the world to do whatever he pleased, including nothing at all, like a spoiled house cat.

Now this is living the life of Riley.

This post was written in response to this week’s Monday’s Finish the Story challenge, hosted by Barbara W. Beacham. The sentence provided this week is  Now this is living the life of Riley, which I chose to use as the ending sentence, rather than the first onsw, although it would still work okay-ish at the beginning.

I also took the liberty to be inspired by 2 pictures, the one provided:

but also one that would better fit my intention to update people on the whereabouts of Aluin, my magical guy from The Closing Night:lifeofriley


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Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.

Cleighton and Yakira were twin siblings, but very different. Their mom used to say that Yakira was her diamond, while Cleighton was just clay.

That made the boy grow up with sadness on his heart. One day, his counselor mentions he’s very lucky. A diamond is pretty, but it is what it is, while clay can become anything.

He then goes out and reinvents himself, becoming very successful and rich.

He builds a castle, but keeps a low profile, not to show to his family how much he has conquered.

The castle is magnificent, but lays hidden in the subterraneous of the island, topped with a tea house as a façade, to make sure no one would try to explore further.

His family believes he lives in a shanty home and in poverty… Little they know…

This is my first attempt to participate in the Monday’s Finish the Story challenge, hosted by Barbara W. Beacham, in which we need to create the story as a continuation of the first sentence provided by her (Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island) and inspired by the picture below.


The story above makes reference to 2 real facts.

  1. the tea house that indeed exist in Fannette Island, in Lake Tahoe
  2. the story about a kid whose mom tells her all the time that her brother is mom’s diamond while she is clay, and that’s why she needs therapy

I felt sorry for the kid and then decided to give her a happy ending. ;o)

The first draft for oer 400 words, though, so I had to chop it a lot. Hopefully it still contains enough to make sense.

(PS. I’m NOT a psychologist and the kid is NOT my client. I just ‘heard’ the story in facebook)

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