“Childe Roland to the dark tower came.” (Robert Browning)

So for about a year of my time on my when and where, I followed Roland on the many years on his many whens and wheres. Today our quest came to an end as I finished the last book of The Dark Tower series, by Stephen King.

Awesome journey!!!!
I highly recommend!

I loved all of the books, but my favorite (I guess, so hard to tell…) may have been book 3, The Waste Lands.
My least favorite (if there is such a thing) was book 5, Wolves of the Calla.
But the entire series is very, very, extremely good.

I still have The Wind Through the Keyhole to read.
This one is about the same people and chronologically happens between books 4 and 5, but it was written afterwards and is not really part of their quest (sortof, I ken). I’ll have a break now, and then someday I’ll go back to Roland and his ka-tet to read his tales from that ‘extra’ book.

Below are some pictures that showed my own journey in instagram. I had some breaks reading different stuff and authors between some of the books, and in overall took about a year, maybe a little over. I can’t remember the date I started the first book, but Amazon tells me I placed the order to buy them on February, 14th of last year. So I’d guess it was somewhere between February 16th (Prime rocks!) and early March.


Long days and pleasant nights!

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