Fiction: Busy Bee

Thursday morning. Wake up.


Get up. Wake up the kids. Have breakfast. Get kids ready to school. Walk them to school.

Work from home. Automation won’t work, do it manually.

Stop to go to the doctor.

Come back to a meeting. Work non-stop until 3:25.

Bring suitcase down for hubby.

Pick up kids at 3:30.

Have lunch!

Drive kids to sports practice.

Stop at dry cleaner.

Back home, iron hubby’s shirts.


Fix dinner. Do the dishes.

Help hubby pack for his trip.

Read a bit. Go to bed.

And that migraine is still there until end of day Friday….

This post was written in response to the September 7th: Flash Fiction Challenge, hosted by Carrot Ranch

8 thoughts on “Fiction: Busy Bee

  1. A migraine can make you want to truncate everything — your tasks, your thoughts. I feel this form you write in expresses that about a migraine. Thankfully I’m not a typical sufferer, but when my iron levels dip too low I can get one. It keeps me motivated to eat spinach!

    • I used to have them much more often before I changed my diet 4 years ago. But this year I was not following my new diet as strictly and the week before the migraine I have much more gluten than I can afford… lesson learned (again! just hope this time it will stick): no gluten for me!

      • I have a sister in-law who was sensitive to certain foods and when she got serious about eliminating gluten it made a huge difference. Now, if she eats any she pays too big of a price, so she’s faithfully gf! Not an easy task!

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