I need to see people

This week i’m feeling anxious. It’s a mix of several things.

I’ve been working from home and that’s not something that resonates well with me. I’m a social bug and need daily contact with people. Working remotely feels lonely.

On top of that my team is not great on communicating on email or IM anyways, which makes it even more isolated and lonely.

Then, my husband is traveling for a total of 3 weeks, and won’t be back for the next 2.

Then, my best friend is moving out of the country. Yesterday we went for lunch on what I thought it would be the last time I was seeing him in a very long time. At the end we schedule another lunch for next week, which is great, but then that will be it for sure.
And I’ll miss him painfully.

Other friends are too busy trying not to get laid off and it’s been hard to meet them for lunch or something.


And all of that is making it so hard to concentrate that even the one thing that would distract me (work) is being left to the side, while I keep getting bored in facebook and instagram…

Oh well…

I guess it’s time for another job change. It seems I just need a job out of the home.

Job hunting, here I come again….



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