Becoming braver

Sometimes I am faced with a challenge, and I’m afraid of guessing a solution and making the problems worse.

To be safe, I seek help of people I assume will know better.

Then I realize those people are as helpless as I am, and give me only what I have already seen or else something completely unrelated.

That’s when I become braver to trust my own knowledge/instincts.

And that’s how today I solved a problem that was going on since Thursday…

Yay to braver me!


Giving thanks

A few months ago, I posted about Motivation, which was about a recent change in roles and managers at work.

Well… in spite of our great work together, and the amazing results I was able to get in the past couple of months under his leadership, I unfortunately did not survive yet another reorg at the team.

We got a new leader (my manager’s skip level) in September, who came as a hurricane to revamp the team, the processes, the tools….


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For the past 2 weeks, we’re having people announcing they are leaving every other day. At least!

Tuesday was my turn and below is the email I sent (names removed for privacy).

Today is the first day of November, and being Thanksgiving month, I’d like to list here a few things I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for the past 10 years, 8 months and 19 days I’ve been part of the <company> family.
I’m grateful for all the amazing friends I had here throughout those years.
I’m grateful for M. H., for being such an awesome person and inspiring manager and for guiding me on the transition from IPE to PM role.
I’m grateful for B. and N. for their guidance during my localizer/engineering career at <company>.
I’m grateful for miss V. and her ability to make so many lives better at <company>, and also for HR for allowing her to better those lives at the campus.
I’m (very!!!) grateful for the nice paychecks and great benefits <company> had provided me on all those years.

That said, I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that next week, on November 9th, a long and fun chapter in the book of my life will come to an end, with it being my last day at <company>.
The next chapter is still to be written and at this point I have no idea what stories it’s going to tell. I decided to take some time to be the nanny for my own kids, and I’m pretty sure that will account for amazingly good stories, just like the ones on the chapters past.
I leave the company with a light heart and a peace of mind, and also the certainty that I’m taking with me a lot of good experiences and lessons from the past years that will stay with me forever.

Thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart!

On the day I sent the email I received soooo many nice and heart melting responses that I stayed up until past midnight trying to answer them all and crying like a baby on some of them.

Now, I’m getting busy in documenting my projects, transferring the ones for which we have already decided on an owner and having lunches and happy hours with different groups.

Then next Wednesday that will be it, and my life will change radically as I become full-time mom, for at least a few months until I find myself another job out of the home.

(and good news is that I’ll have plenty of time to go back into blogging! yay!)


Nope, this is not one of those self-help kinda posts.

It may also be too early to talk about it, but I just wanted to share that I am finally happy and excited to come to work, after 10 years at the company.

Well… the first year was good.

Then, the job changed a bit and I started to dread it. Almost quit a few times, but the good paycheck spoke louder.

Then, at the end of last year, the job and the manager changed again.

I was initially excited about the job change, and about taking different projects; but my manager, although good in creating processes and making a difference on how things were being done, was not much of a people’s manager. So I spend 6 months reporting to him and feeling completely lost on the new role, not knowing what to do and not getting any help from him on that aspect.

Then he left and we got a new manager.

Oh My Gosh!!! I like this new guy!

I had only 2 meetings with him. After our very first meeting, he right away helped me find work (I was bored to death with nothing to do, amidst people who were drowning on work). We also talked about mentoring briefly on that first meeting, and then yesterday, on our second meeting, I mentioned it again and he right away found myself a mentor on someone he has worked before and thinks would be a good match.

And that may sound weak and little, but it does make a huge difference in inspiring me and motivating me to come to work.

I don’t like coming to work to be bored; I’d rather be bored at home… I’m also not very proactive in knocking a people’s door and randomly asking if they need help. And because it’s a new job, with different tasks and responsibilities I was feeling lost and insecure and I really needed some guidance, which I’m finally getting now.

Hopefully I won’t need that level of guidance for long, but I do need it now and this new guy is giving me just the right amount of it (not too little that I still don’t feel empowered to do work, but also not too much that feels he is baby sitting me).

So I finally feel like a have a good inspiring manager.

And that’s an amazing feeling!

Let’s see how it goes….


Right now!

On a meeting. Not sure why I’m involved on this.

I don’t  like it.

I don’t want to be here.

Right now, I need to create a report for later.

Right now, I need to do homework due in tonight’s class.

Right now, I’m getting hungry and want to go for a walk before lunch, so the earlier, the better. It would really be the nicest thing to do right now.

But right now, I’m stuck on this meeting, discussing vendor performance.

Not sure why I’m involved on this.

I don’t  like it.

I don’t want to be here.

Not ever. And especially not Right Now!


written in response to Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Sad day at work?

Today is sort of a sad day at work.

My good friend Michael is leaving the company and going to a competitor.

I do believe the change will be great for him, as his new job will be more in line with what he enjoys and his position will be a better one. Salary will also be higher and being on a smaller team will mean less politics to deal with.

But I still feel sad about not having him around starting tomorrow.

Since I started in the company he’s always been my reference for everything and anything. He’s kind, smart, sweet.

Here’s the email I sent yesterday in response to his announcement email (it was one of the many that his email generated in the team):

Disclaimer: there will be lots of references to processes and tools at work (but no leaks!), which you may not get fully, but that’s just the nature of a working email…

February 14th 2006 was my first day in the office at building 24 (I started on the 13th but that was NEO day).

That day I learned I was going to share my office with someone. And that someone was Michael.

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share an office with.

So since the very beginning of my life at the company I’ve been a great fan of Michael.

For his personality, his intelligence, his scripting solutions (I used to use some of his quick solutions he created for French in the Brazilian files and they helped a lot).

Since then Michael became my to-go person for getting things done in a very smart way. I once ‘dumped’ a tool another LIP team kindly shared with us because the one Michael came up with was MUCH more efficient.

I’m an enthusiastic user and advertiser of ASSET for obvious reasons (the thing IS awesome!).

I have Michael as our family official Valentine singer, as he has sang to me and to my husband a few times in the past years.

We talk about everything a little bit and I really like it. I remember once he asked me how come the X in Portuguese sounded like ‘sh’. If it was influence from the Turkish. Heck, I had no idea, but just the fact that he would even think about such a question to ask made me admire him even more.

Then when I started working with LIPs I remember him trying to convince me that we had to have a LIP in Esperanto!

Because that’s Michael.

A guy who is always in a good mood, always willing to help and who can easily talk about whatever.

So anyways, I’m not great in writing emails like this, but I felt I couldn’t leave it without one.

The most important thing here is that I’ll (I’m sure we all will) miss him like crazy and, although I’m excited about this new opportunity for him, I feel really sad to see him go.


I’ll miss you Michael!!!!!

I was a great pleasure to have you around all those years!!!

Odd thoughts during a meeting

This morning I was participating on a meeting with 7 other people, to a total of 8 people in the room.
Subject wasn’t the most interesting of all, so at some point I found myself with some very odd and weird thoughts.

Going back in time for a few years just to add some background….

I like owls and I have a collection of owls in all shapes, sizes, colors, media…
Long time ago (about 15, maybe?) I was at a shopping mall in Rio de Janeiro and I stopped by a kiosk that used to sell esoteric stuff to buy an owl pendant that I though was cute.
Then the seller turns to me and asks if I like owls. I say ‘Yes, I do, I actually collect them’.
Then she asks to see my ears and declares I was a witch on a past life.
I ask her how come and she explains that the fact that I liked owls was one indicator, then when she saw that I had my earlobe glued to the base (as opposed to hanging) she was sure. According to her everyone that has a glued earlobe had been a witch (or wizard) on a past life.

I remember I asked her if that was a good or a bad thing and she answered that this depends on how I used my powers…

15 year later….

This morning I was participating on a meeting with 7 other people, to a total of 8 people in the room.
Subject wasn’t the most interesting of all, so at some point I found myself with some very odd and weird thoughts.
I happened to have noticed that all of the people who was sitting on my right had glued together earlobes, just like me, then I decided to check the others and, in the end, out of 8, we were 5 with glued lobes and 3 with hanging lobes.
So the memory of the seller came to my mind and I started to try to imagine what kind of wizard or witch each of the other 4 people had been.
One of the guys for some reason looked like Voldermort of Professor Snape kind. I have no clue why I thought that. The guys is nice, I have absolutely nothing against him at all, he’s very helpful and kind, but still he ‘looked’ like a bad wizard one.
Then I started to think Harry Potter definitions and concluded that maybe:

  • the ones with an attached lobe are the pure blood wizards
  • the ones with a free lobe are the muggles
  • the ones with something in between (after all there are several degrees of attachment and hanginess…) are the half-bloods

The funny thing is that if we look at the movie (maybe it’s the actor’s fault, not the wizard, but da heck, if we’re talking nonsense let make no sense at all!), Voldermort, who was a half-blood had a glued lobe:


while Snape, who was also half-blood, had one that’s somewhere in between behind all that hair…

Then, when I was trying to define the image of the second wizard on the meeting room, it was my turn to talk and I had to send those thoughts away and concentrate on the subject matter we were discussing.
But I still plan to give a bit more thought to it… hehehe

(and btw, I also realized that out of the 4 girls, only one had ear piercing, which was awesome because I always tend to think I’m one of the only ones that did not fall for the whole ear-piercing thingy… ;))

Now I bit of my own…


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