To call or not to call?


She used to be proud.

He said he would call her, so she would wait, but never call him before he made the promised call.

A day passed and no word from him. 2 days, 3, 4…. She has hurt, thinking he didn’t care.

She meets a friend at the mall, who asks about him. She says they’re not together anymore.

A few more days pass and a common friend calls her asking about it and saying he heard the ‘news’ from someone else and was very hurt himself.

She calls him and decides never to be proud again.



Many years pass and she’s on a relationship with someone else.

She has never forgotten the lesson from her past. Never forgiven herself for having hurt her first love.

So, she’s still living by the rule of not being proud, and even if her new current love said he’d call, if it takes too long, she just goes ahead and calls him herself.

A bit too much on his opinion, tough.

He gets tired. He says the spark is gone.  She’s too pushy, too much, too insisting. Sort of suffocating…

They break up. And humiliated, she’s hurt once again.


This post was written for the Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #4.

The rules for contest #4 are to write 2 chapters of 99-words each (198 words total), telling a story that shows a scar. It can be memoir, other forms of creative non-fiction,  any genre of fiction or a BOTS (based on a true story).

This one is based on a true story. The first part at least. The second is fiction, as it never really happened, although it portraits a very real fear…

The winner for this contest was announced yesterday at the Carrot Ranch.

Congratulations to D. Wallace Peach!

Good job to all the participants!


Portuguese version: Ligar ou não ligar?

The Dark Priestesses

Their lord was captured by the priestesses of the Dark Sect.
She couldn’t let them have him. He was a good soul and needed to be saved.

She got her sword, mounted the mare and whistled for her companion dog.
In a minute they were flying through the woods, avoiding the branches and roots, trying to find the hidden shrine of the dark priestesses.

It wasn’t easy.
The woods were dark and very dense. Riding amongst its trees wasn’t a smooth ride.
Sometimes it also felt like they were going in circles. Maybe they were indeed.
And on top of it all, there was powerful dark magic protecting the shrine from being discovered.

But they needed keep trying.
His life was at risk and the villagers needed him.

She summoned her own Gods to help her on her quest. Hoping they’d help.

After two days riding, stopping only briefly to eat, and having had almost no sleep, the dog sniffed the air and started to bark and howl.
The mare panicked and wouldn’t go on.
She could also feel it. They were getting close.

She tethered the mare at a nearby tree and called the dog to come with her.

As they walked towards the force emanating from the trees, she became weak, her mind was going blank, but she was still struggling. She had to be strong to safe her lord.

After a few minutes of very hard walk, they came to clearing, where the priestesses were standing in a circle, with her lord tied up in the middle, subjugated, kneeling at the center, his head down.

She only had time to hear the spell before passing out herself.


Goddess of

the unliving!


I proclaim

this person

to your

eternal service,

on death.


Her lord was deceased…

This post was written for the Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #3, hosted by Carrot Ranch.

The challenge today was to write a piece of fiction of about 200-300 words, that included a septolet as a spell or a charm.

Initially I though only the septolet would be required and crated the one above naming is “Verborragic Avada Kedavra”. But it was only once the rules were posted, and I leaned it should be in the middle of a story, that I created the story around it to go with it.

The winner for this contest was announced yesterday at the Carrot Ranch.

Congratulations to Deborah Lee!

Good job to all the participants!


Portuguese version: Sacerdotisas do Mal


Ring, ring! Ring, ring! Ring, ring!

“What’s that? Is it the alarm clock? In the middle of the afternoon? Why?”

“No, that’s not the alarm clock. That’s the phone.”

“The phone? But I thought phones vibrated and played some sort of music… What kind is it then? Not Android for sure… Oh I know! It must be Windows Phone! Windows Phones are so rare to find that maybe this is why I don’t recognize the ring…”

“No! It’s not a Windows Phone, nor an Android or iPhone or any of those. We’re at grandma’s, remember? She does not have a smart phone. It’s just an old land line phone.”

“Land line? Land? What do you mean? Why land? And where did she put it that I can hear it so loud?”

“Land line because the voice travels through a metal wire or optical fiber that is “landed”. Not cellular radio waves. But I guess she has the ring on max volume so she can hear it from other rooms. It stays fixed in the living room. By the sofa. Haven’t you ever noticed it?”

“No, the only thing I remember by the sofa is that antique calculator kind-a-thing, with the numbers on a dial but no display to show the result. I actually never understood how it worked though…”

“Calculator??? Really?! That’s the phone!!!”

“The phone???!!! But it does not look like one! There is not even a touch screen. Actually there’s no screen at all. How do we install apps on it? And how to get SMS?”

“We don’t, dummy! Old phones are only for speaking. Just voice calls. No apps, no internet, no images. Just voice.”

“Oh!… Really? So where does grandma makes her grocery lists then?… On no! Don’t tell me she uses PAPER!!!”

“Oh boy….”

This post was written for the Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2.

The rules for this one are to try to be funny. The story needs to be 299 words long (give or take 9 words) and is supposed to “raise a grin, trigger a giggle, release a chuckle, generate a guffaw, give life to a groan”.

This one was the one I saw as the hardest, as I have a hard time being funny on purpose. Then the day before the challenge was posted, I was writing for a daily prompt and realized the text I had just created could fit this contest, so I refrained myself from publishing for the prompt so I could enter it here. Not sure if was funny enough, but I decided to give it a try anyways ;o)

The winner was announced yesterday on Carrot Ranch Blog and this week’s great prize went to Colleen Chesbro with “The Bus Stop”.

Congrats to Colleen and well done to all of the participants.

When I Grow Up

“When I grow up I want to be an astronaut!
I want to go up in the sky, travel the universe and make friends from out of this world.
They’ll be fun, with their green skin, long antennae and several eyes.
Or else, or else…
Their loooooooong skinny body and big head with 2 black eyes.
Or else, or else…
Their slimy grayish and gross slug-like shape
Or else, or else…”

“How about with their proportional body, brown eyes and blond curly hair?”

“Yes! That one too!
Wait!… That sounds like my friend Kevin.
Oh…… Is he an alien too????”


This post was written for the Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #1.

The rules for contest #1 was that we tried to go back in time to when we were 6 years old and remember what we wanted to be when we grew up. The size of the text should be of 100 words only.

To be honest, when I was little, I actually wanted to be a dressmaker, then later I switched to either tennis of volleyball player.

So no, I never really wanted to be an astronaut, but I had friends who did, so I used their ambition rather than mine, since it seemed cooler… ;o)

The results for the contest were published yesterday, and the winner was Hugh Roberts, with and awesome entry of a boy who wants to be Santa. See here the winner’s announcement post with his entry and some other picks.

Congrats Hugh! And well done everyone!

The law of attraction

I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.
– Michael Losier

at high school

“Hi, your sister is at the Catholic University, right? So is my brother. That’s so cool. I guess I’ll try to get there to. How about you?”

“No! No way I’m going to that University. It’s full of snob spoiled rich kids. Yak! Nah. I’ll try the public universities. I want to be with the masses. I’ll NEVER go to the Catholic University!”

four years later…

“Hey, you made it here at the Catholic University too??!!! I though you said you didn’t want to come here…”

” Yeah I know. They were the only ones offering the course I wanted. But I’m loving it!”

at the University, studying to be a translator

“Hi. I heard that localization company is hiring trainees. I’m gonna try. Are you trying too? They’re the best!”

“Localization?? No, that’s boring. I don’t want to spend my days sitting at an office in downtown translating click here, click there. I want to translate novels, work from home on my pjs, and doing super cool books. No, I’ll NEVER be a localizer!”

a few years later…

“Thanks for accepting our offer to work on our localization firm.”

a few more years later…

“Dear you, please find attached the offer to work on our software development company, as a localizer of our biggest product.”

back at the University

“Hi my daughter, how was your day at the University? Made any new friends? Is the translation department close to the engineering one? Oh… It would be so good of you married a nice engineer….”

“Marry an engineer? Eww, mom! No way. Dad is enough of engineer in my life. Nah, nah. I’ll NEVER marry an engineer!”

a few years later…

“Miss Localizer, do you take Mister Engineer be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, to love, honor and obey, in good times and woe, for richer or poorer, keeping yourself solely unto him for as long as you both shall live?

“I do!”

a few more years later…

“Hello Localizers team. This meeting is to announce that we won’t be having in-house localizers anymore. So from now on, your titles and jobs are changing to be of Engineer.”

moral of the story:

Never say never.
The law of attraction does not care if you say yay or nay. It will bring you whatever you spend energy thinking too much about…

This post was written based on the prompt The law, from Writer Write’s October prompts.

The image has a Creative Commons license and is attributed to h koppdelaney, and was modified just to add a border.


“Oh boy. I’m so happy that we’re together. I’ve been dreaming about you for a long time. So how about dinner tomorrow night.”

“That’d be awesome, but tomorrow I can’t, sorry.”

“Oh, ok. Why not? Family event?”

“Not really. Tomorrow I’ll be having dinner with my boyfriend.”

“What? What do your mean? I am your boyfriend.”

“Yes, you are too. One of them.”

“One of them??? What do you mean one of them? You can not have more than one boyfriend!”

“Why not?”

“Because that’s not right. It’s not accepted.”

“Awnnn… you’re jealous! But that’s ok, honey, I love you too. As much as I love the others.”

“The otherSSSSS????? Others? In the plural? How many boyfriends you have?”

“With you? 4 now.”

“4??? Oh my gosh, girl. Are you kidding me? You can’t have 4 boyfriends. Or 3, or even 2. You gotta have only one!”


“Well…. because you just can’t! That’s how it is! Man, you’re crazy!”

“Yes, baby. I’m crazy for you. So dinner day after tomorrow then?”

“What? Of course not! I love you. I love you deeply, but I want you to be mine and mine only. That’s how it should be with anyone.”

“Nah. I won’t take it like that. If there is a real written rule, you show me. If not, then I make my own rules for my own life.”

“Argh! Ok then. You know what? You’re back to 3 boyfriends now. Bye!”

“Oh boy. One more lost because of the unwritten stupid rule….”

This post was written based on the prompt Unwritten, from Writer Write’s October prompts.


Her best friend has moved to a different country, on another continent, at the other end of the ocean.
She passes by the beach and stops to look at that immense mass of water.
She squints her eyes trying to see her friend.
But it’s no use, her friend is too far…

This post was written in response to Sacha Black’s Writespiration #136 52 weeks in 52 words, week 41 and also to today’s prompt BFF from Writer Write’s October prompts.

In the Writespiration prompt we’re supposed to say what happens next, after the picture. I wrote instead about what was happening at that very moment.