You know those days when everything seems to go completly wrong and all you want is to run away and be by yourself on a lost tropical island, with plenty of shade, fresh coconut water, lots of fruits and nuts, doing absolutely nothing?

That’s today!

Toddler doesn’t want to eat for a few days now. At first we thought it was some tummy issues after the chilli they served at daycare last Thursday (which I don’t like by the way, but I’m about to change daycares next week so hopefully not more chilli or any other canned junk for a 19 month old little person). Then, since the thingy went on longer than it would be, had it really been caused by the chilli, we thought it could be just a toddler thing. Toddlers do sometimes decide not to eat anything for a few days, don’t they? But then, yesterday fever came.

Spouse is the one who stresses out more about those sort of things, so I’m right in between a non-eating (and now feverish) toddler and a stressed out spouse.

Then, at work I’m busier than I have ever been in the past 3 years and, on top of this, things are just not working well in there too…


What do I do??????

I guess I need some vacations. From everything!!!!!

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