To tell or not to tell?

Ok, so in our family we always prefer not to announce pregnancy until week 12. We managed to do it successfully with our first, with both families being away.

But the thing is that we just found out about the second, and today babies grandparents are arriving for a 6 week visit.

Will we be able to hide it from them for 6 weeks???? We’ll be having ultrasound and doctor appointments during this time. Mommy might feel sick or fatigued and might put up some little weight.

Wouldn’t they notice?

And even if we manage, how hurt and mad will they be when we announce it just a couple weeks after they go that we were pregnant all the time?…

What should we do???

Just tell them and be it?

So, it seems this is the first decision (of many) we need to make for this pregnancy…….


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