First glimpse of the baby

Today we went for the first ultra sound exam. Mommy is over 35, so a US at 6-7 weeks is advised to see if there is a heart beat.

And there is!

Baby is 1 cm long, looks more like a tiny peanut, but it’s our baby.

Toddler’s little sibling!

So in regards to previous post (To tell or not to tell), we decided to let grandparents know about pregnancy today. Ideally we would like to wait until 12 weeks (we’re 7 weeks and 1 day) but it’s hard to hide when they are living with us.

Mommy is already putting up some weight, boobs are bit bigger, tummy is getting rounded… plus the lack of freedom to talk about it even at home is getting to my nerves already. Not that we would be talking a lot about it, but even a quick silly comment is not possible if we’re trying to hide…

Let’s see how they’ll react. I can bet there will be lots of tears rolling out of their faces… and mommy will start beeing more pampared then she would like (not the kind of person who likes to be too extremelly pampared – go figure!).

Well. That’s it for now. If I can get a hold of a scanner, I might scan the pictures and post here.

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