From the “my firsts” series: My first zipline experience as an adult

Today I went ziplinig for the first time since I was 10.

At 10, we went on a field trip to a military bootcamp sortof thingy and they allowed us to play on the obstacle course (just like the Survivor challenges) and finish it up with a zipline.

I remember I loved it, but never did it again.

Lately, in the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to find a bit more excitement and adventure in life, so I starting wishing to do it again, but either didn’t have the opportunity, or else I chickened out when the opportunity was there.

Until today.

Today we had a party to celebrate the release of our product, and the party was a huge outdoor event with all sort of activities, including a zipline.

It was tiny. The line to get our turn was HUGE.

I still decided I was doing it.

Waited in line forever. At least 1 hour, if not more.

Then 10 seconds of fun.

But it was fun!

My friend who waited with me is afraid of heights, so he didn’t dare to do it himself. Not even after I tried to challenge his fears, explaining that it would be for just a couple of seconds, and then how would be not at heights anymore. Didn’t work, he still didn’t even consider.

So off I went.

I must say that when the guy opened the little door at the top of the tower for me to jump, I understood that my friend would indeed not do it, regardless of all the lame arguments I presented him with.

Not me, though.

I jumped and it was cool. Short, but very cool!

Next time will be on a bigger one, maybe on a forest or something.

And I promise I won’t chicken out.

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