Da heck with You!

No, All-of you. Please don’t hate me. I’m not talking to All-of you.

I’m talking to the one You who tried once to kill my dear blog.

But You know what, the whole blog-killing stuff just did not work, as the blog is still here.

I resuscitated it!

And the message I have for You today is very simple:

This is MY space, the place where I write what goes on MY mind. Not your space for your mind.

So, if You don’t like what’s written in here, just DON’T READ IT!

And by the way, from now on, this will be my new tagline!

For the All-of-you who may be reading this but is not the You I’m talking about, my apologies for this post.

But I still have good news to All-of-you:



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