Fresh Paint and Stand up Paddling

I know those 2 topics have nothing to do with each other, but I just happen to have both on  my mind and I’m too lazy to create 2 posts.


So first, Fresh Paint.

I have a Surface RT and a Surface Pro machine. I use Windows 8 on desktop too. Ever since the Beta version of Windows 8, I’ve been playing here and there with Fresh Paint, but never too long, never to do anything that’s worth it.

Well… this has changed. Yesterday I sort of ‘discovered’ Fresh Paint and did a pretty cool picture on it. Then I got all excited, and did a second one and tried a third that didn’t turn out too well.

So today, while waiting for machines to install (several times, actually) I decided to try the drawing that didn’t look good yesterday.

To be really honest, it still doesn’t look good, but I must say it’s much better than yesterday’s attempts.

Here are the 3:

Now to paddling.

Since last year, I’ve been wanting to try stand up paddling, but never really got the chance. One of my friends back home, though, has been able to and today he posted pictures of a little trip he did with friends last weekend, in which they left a beach to some nearby islands. One of the guys was kayaking, but all the others, including him, were paddling.

The pictures look sooooo amazing, that it really revived my wish to try.

Here are the thumbnails( (very small to protect their identity) of his pictures:


I guess I’ll have to add this to my Summer to do list…

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