Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Tuesday

Just before noon, I’m annoyed by a task I need to do at work.
I decide to use lunch time to go for a walk and refresh my mind and mood.
It’s cold. I see I’m not the only one who used lunch time to keep moving, although there are less people than when the weather is warmer.
There are other walkers. Fast and slow.
Some people are in their bikes.
Some are running. On shorts, even!
At the soccer field, people play soccer. Most are not only in shorts but also on t-shirts. But they seem all warm and fine.

I come back refreshed, and stop at the cafeteria to grab something to bring to the office, but again, I decide to sit down and eat at the café’s tables.
The cafeteria is empty.
A few people sit alone, like me.
There are several groups of 2 people.
The only big group leaves right after I sit down.
On a table nearby 2 guys seem to be talking about work.
Then I notice the younger guy is doing most of the talk. He seems very passionate about what he’s saying.
The other guy just sits and listens without showing any reaction or emotion.
The young guy has a visitor’s badge; the other one is an employee.
Is the boy trying to sell a product?
An idea?
Is he being interviewed for a job?
It looked a lot like a job interview, but reality is that the answer to this question is something I’ll most likely never get to know.

They leave.
I finish my food and come back to the office.

After all, I still have an annoying task to do today…


Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts

3 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Lunch Posts – Tuesday

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