One-Four Challenge: September Week 2

This is the second week for the September One-four challenge.

As I mentioned last week, the images I’ll be using this month were actually created back in July, when I learned about the challenge and went crazy about creating 2 sets of images, the one I used then, and the one I’ll be using this month.

Having been so long since the editing of the pictures, I need also admit I don’t remember how exactly I edited them, except of course by the obvious. I’ll try to remember at least those obvious. All edits were made on my Android phone, using the Photo Editor app.

So here’s this week’s version:


In picture was build on top of the previous one, keeping the vignette, which i learned some people do not like much. ;o). In this one, it doesn’t make the picture too dark, but on the other hand we can clearly see the curve, which I guess make it a little forced.
For the colors, in this one I made it monochrome, then changed the hue to a red-ish sepia-like effect.

Hope you’ll like it.

6 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: September Week 2

  1. This completely changes the dynamic of the image, I thought it was a view down a fence, but now I see its across.

    I see the point about the vignette, does your app have options to soften or feather it a bit more and make it less obvious?

      • Nope. It does not. It gived me the options to make it bigger or smaller, but not to soften… 😦 Oh well. It’s a cool app, but still a phone app. Much better than most, but not at the same level as the desktop ones.

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