The Opening Day (continuation to The Closing Night)

The public was ecstasy and applauded him for about 30 minutes, waiting for him to come back and take a bow.

He never got to hear the applause, though, as his last trick was to vanish from the stage, reappearing on a nice little boat off the coast of Indonesia.

That’s what he wanted for his life now. To find enchantment on places he has never been, where people go to him for the person he was, not for magic tricks.

The boat came to a resort, with all of the commodities he would ask for. The place was gorgeous and that morning was stunning. He was able to lay down on the beach and relax with the thought that he had all the time of the world to do whatever he pleased, including nothing at all, like a spoiled house cat.

Now this is living the life of Riley.

This post was written in response to this week’s Monday’s Finish the Story challenge, hosted by Barbara W. Beacham. The sentence provided this week is  Now this is living the life of Riley, which I chose to use as the ending sentence, rather than the first onsw, although it would still work okay-ish at the beginning.

I also took the liberty to be inspired by 2 pictures, the one provided:

but also one that would better fit my intention to update people on the whereabouts of Aluin, my magical guy from The Closing Night:lifeofriley


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