The Closing Night

It was the opening night of the great and spectacular illusionism show. The public was excited.

But only Aluin knew it would actually be his closing night. So many years bringing magic and awe to people’s life, made him feel his own life was lacking some of that wonder. Knowing the tricks took the magic away and consumed his soul.

He didn’t want that life anymore. He also wanted to feel the magic and awe other people saw through him.

The show started and he did his most amazing tricks ever, culminating with his own disappearance from the stage.

Ovation radiated from the theater. The public was in pure ecstasy and stood there giving him a warm and frenetic round of applause for at least 30 minutes, waiting for him to come back and take a bow.

He never got to hear the applause, though, as at that time, he was sailing the paradisiac seas of Indonesia, trying to fill his life with a different type of enchantment.

This post was written in response to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, with photo prompt provided by myself, and contains 167 words.


The picture was taken while we were waiting for the performance of The Illusionists (hence writing about magic shows).
Pictures are not allowed during the show, but we arrived early and I couldn’t resist the blue light of the stage in contrast with the Chinese-themed decoration of the walls and ceilings of Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater.

I hope it will inspire you all with great stories.

And if want to read all of those great stories, click the blue frog below and links to them will appear like magic in your screen.


9 thoughts on “The Closing Night

  1. Great story and picture Etol! I thought about it being a magic show before I wrote my own story. I liked your descriptive words and how he was sailing all while performing the magic show!

  2. Wonderful story Etol! He ejected himself magically to Indonesia and is having the time of his life! I would say that is a great ending to his magic show. This is a great photo and there are some wonderful stories that have been created from it. Thank you so much for the prompt! Thanks also for the footnotes about the theatre. They were very interesting. Thank you for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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